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In June my family and I will be driving from Chicago to Seattle, I was wondering what should I drive, suv or van? And also the best route and great places to stop and visit during the trip. I will be taking a dog and my two teenager brothers. Anything that you might think will be helpful please let me know.

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    Ohhhkay, forget the troll. I actually plan on helping you here. You live in a beautiful country, and here's a chance to explore a bit!

    Now, as for what to drive, you can go either way. Gas mileage can be one deciding factor here. The other key is storage space. If you have enough space for everyone and everything (comfortably!!) in the SUV, AND it gets better gas mileage, then go for it. If not, then go with the van. If you think the SUV might be a bit tight, then think about using the van. It's a nice way to go. It's the way my New Yorker family has gone for road trips involving 49 US States, the District of Columbia, six Canadian Provinces, and Canada's Yukon Territory.

    As for the route, I-90 and I-94 are both fairly direct, with I-94 cutting about 30 miles off (really, that's a traffic jam or a few red lights of difference, so don't let that be a factor). If you go 94, you'll rejoin 90 upon 94's end in Billings, Montana. 80 is also an option, adds a couple of hours to the total (again, no biggie).

    How long do you have? This drive can be done in about four days, three if you REALLY push HARD. If you have more time, you can veer off the beaten path a bit more. If not, then you have to go more direct.

    My recommendation is to stay along 90 unless there's something specific in Minneapolis or in North Dakota that you really want to see (along 94), or you really want to go to Nebraska or Salt Lake City (along 80, and there is some nice stuff, including all kinds of great Oregon Trail sites). Otherwise, go 90. That's my recommendation for overall scenery and variety of attractions.

    The Wisconsin Dells area is interesting, maybe worth a little bit of your time. You can also check out the Corn Palace in Mitchell, S.D.

    In western South Dakota, there is one of my all-time favorite regions of this country: the Black Hills. There's so much more to it than just Mount Rushmore. There's so much Native American Indian history out there, highlighted by Crazy Horse Mountain, which dwarfs Rushmore in many ways. Furthermore, Badlands National Park is a spectacular drive. Great for scenery, pretty good for wildlife as well. Also in the area are Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park (GREAT for wildlife!). I personally love the prairie dogs throughout the region. They're hilarious.

    If you want a tourist trap, you can stop at Wall Drug and say that you've been there. You can't miss it, believe me; billboards are posted at a dizzying rate along I-90 from the Minnesota line. It's fun, you can go there just for the sake of saying you've been there.

    There are the old gambling/mining towns of Deadwood and Lead if that's your thing. Plenty of entertainment AND history. Deadwood's an interesting place.

    Into Wyoming, Devils Tower is a bit north of I-90, accessible out of Sundance or Moorcroft. You've seen it if you've seen the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind;" it was featured prominently. It's a bizarre rock formation that just sticks up out of nowhere. Worth a look.

    If you have time, Yellowstone National Park is fairly close, and definitely worth at least an extra day or two. It is just breathtaking, and there's a whole lot of geothermal activity going on there that you just will not see anywhere else. Grand Teton National Park is nice as well.

    In Montana, there's the Little Bighorn Battlefield, where "Custer's Last Stand" took place. Farther west, Glacier National Park is also a very nice stop. Also a bit out of the way, though.

    That's just a sampling of what's out there. There's some beautiful country out that way, so take advantage of everything you have time for. If you have any further questions, ask away!

    Source(s): 49-state US road tripper, with plenty of Canada as well.
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