Which nations did Roman Emporer trade with?

I would like to know who he traded with, because i cant seem to find out. And i would also like to know what was his religious tolerance was, if he had any.



Trajan was the roman emperor, i forgot to add that

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    Extent of the Roman Empire under Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus:



    Unlike many lauded rulers in history, Trajan's reputation has survived undiminished for nearly nineteen centuries. The Christianization of Rome resulted in further embellishment of his legend: it was commonly said in medieval times that Pope Gregory I, through divine intercession, resurrected Trajan from the dead and baptized him into the Christian faith. An account of this features in the Golden Legend. Theologians, such as Thomas Aquinas, discussed Trajan as an example of a virtuous pagan. In the Divine Comedy, Dante, following this legend, sees the spirit of Trajan in the Heaven of Jupiter with other historical and mythological persons noted for their justice. He also features in Piers Plowman. An episode, referred to as the justice of Trajan was reflected in several art works.

    As for trade, The silk road predates the Roman Empire, so probably as far as India and China, though he had little to no diplomatic relations.

    Roman Wine was found in France dating back to pre-history.

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    I'm not sure, but it was well known that Trajan enjoyed the company of young boys...

    The dude below me wants to cite and copy/paste from Wikipedia, so how about this, straight from the wiki page:

    Dio Cassius, sometimes known as Cassius Dio, reports that Trajan drank heavily and was a pederast. "I know, of course, that he was devoted to boys and to wine, but if he had ever committed or endured any base or wicked deed as the result of this, he would have incurred censure; as it was, however, he drank all the wine he wanted, yet remained sober, and in his relation with boys he harmed no one."


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