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choose between the Celtics and Nuggets?

Allen Garnett Pierce - Iverson Anthony Martin

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    the nuggets....they play in the better division, they are younger, and play better defense, i thats what you call defense. Iverson and Martin have playoff and nba finals experience with potential mvp anthony by their side. the celtics have noone with hardly any playoff experience, yet experience winning on a consistent basis.

    Source(s): Die hard nuggets fan since 1987!!
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    Awh man I think I'd go with Boston. Martin is playin his best ball since playing with Kidd... but the Nuggets big three is Melo, Iverson and Camby. Without Camby's help defense this team would be hopeless on defense. The Celtics have just been one of those teams where it just kinda like damn look at them right now lol.

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    Without question the Celtics.

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    Celtics, AI and Melo should have already figured out how to win and play together.

    The Celtics already know they want to win and they dont care who scores the points.

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    I'd go for Boston.

    If Denver is really a good team how come their first game against the Boston is a landslide :p

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    nuggets of course

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    anthony and iverson!! whoooooo!!

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