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3. Results and discussion

3.1. COD removal eYciency

The ML–MFC was operated at inXuent COD concentration

in the range of 310–350mg/l as presented in Table 1.

After 17 days of operation, when steady state condition for

COD removal reached, the COD and BOD reductions were

88% and 87%, respectively. Volumetric COD loading rate

to this ML–MFC was 0.16 kg COD/m3 d. After achieving

steady state, the average eZuent COD was 38mg/l and

BOD3 at 27 °C was 28.6mg/l. The eZuent BOD was determined

for unsettled eZuent samples containing average SS

and VSS of 37.6 and 8.3mg/l, respectively. Further

improvement in the eZuent quality is expected by using settling

tank after ML–MFC. The observed COD removal

eYciency was on the higher side of the maximum reported

eYciency in the range of 80–90% (Liu et al., 2004; Jang

et al., 2004). Similarly, BOD removal eYciency was higher

than 78%, reported by Liu et al. (2004). The minimum

unsettled BOD and settled COD values observed in the

eZuent were 20.9 and 29.14mg/l, respectively. Further studies

are required to explore maximum volumetric loading

rate capacity for this ML–MFC.

Gas production in anode compartment was measured by

providing gas deXector arrangement and inverted cone

above the anode chamber in the ML–MFC as shown in

Fig. 1. The gas production rate was 29.75ml/d, which was

far lower than the gas production expected in the high rate

anaerobic processes. The cathode chamber was aerated by

supplying compressed air. As a result, DO in the eZuent

was in the range of 4–5mg/l. Even with continuous aeration,

lower values of DO in the cathode chamber and in the

eZuent were due to simultaneous utilization of DO for the

cathode reaction, where oxygen is reduced. In addition,

some amount of DO might have been utilized for nitriWcation

in the cathode chamber.

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    3. 結果和討論3.1。 鱈魚撤除eYciency ML-MFC在表1被管理以inXuent鱈魚集中在310-350mg/l範圍內如被提出。 在17天操作以後,當穩定情況為被到達的鱈魚撤除,鱈魚和人體減少是88%和87%,分別。 容量鱈魚貸款利率對這ML-MFC是0.16公斤COD/m3 d。 在達到穩定以後,平均eZuent鱈魚是38mg/l,并且BOD3在27 °C是28.6mg/l。 eZuent人體為包含37.6和8.3mg/l的平均SS和VSS未決定的eZuent樣品分別為堅定的。 進一步改善進入eZuent質量通過使用沈澱池期望在ML-MFC以後。 被觀察的鱈魚撤除eYciency在最大報告的eYciency的更高的邊在80-90%範圍內(等劉, 2004年; Jang等, 2004)。 同樣,人體撤除eYciency 78%高於,由劉等報告。 (2004). 在eZuent和被安定的鱈魚價值觀察的極小的未決定的人體分別為20.9和29.14mg/l。 要求進一步研究探索最大容量貸款利率容量為這ML-MFC。 氣體生產在陽極隔間通過提供氣體deXector安排在ML-MFC測量并且倒置了錐體在陽極房間之上如所顯示。 1. 氣體生產率是29.75ml/d,低於在高速率绝氧過程中期望的氣體生產。 供應壓縮空氣供氣負極房間。 結果,做在eZuent是在4-5mg/l.範圍內。 以連續的通風,更加低值的在負極房間做,并且在eZuent歸結於同時運用為負極反應做,減少氧氣。 另外,某一數額威力為nitriWcation在負極房間被運用了。

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