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惠晴 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

一段中文的中翻英 很急 !!!!

Dear Grandparents Neumann






Best regards




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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dear Grandparents Neumann

    Be missing, really miss you, don't know you lead how about it for a long time?Certainly hope your everything to lead well and satisfactory..

    When receive your letters every time, I feel badly now pleased, although only have several very short, the head quarter be profoundly moved by the earnestness emotion of your word in the line, always want to write down what return should you, go to set down on paper, fear meeting too suddenly, and get cold feet, really badly now embarrassed to you.

    The Christmas joyful festival of this year, summoned up courage to lift a pen to write down a wish finally, hope you can next year everything satisfactorily, and the mind and bodies all keep healthily happy.

    When you come to that several days that Taiwan gets along with us, although only have for very short few day, true immensely delectation, more cordially hope you come to enough and again this beautiful land in Taiwan, make more fine recollections which get along with together, certainly even hoping can find a chance to visit your expensive treasure ground and are together happy with you!!


    Christmas joyful festival and happy new year!!!

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