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    This film is really very good, is a successful comedy feature film this it is not only that one department is overflowing with interestingly, the comedy letting people smile to and pull a muscle , let the heart have the same feeling too in many places in the drama , just because the story presses close to reality, mean a busy one round and round to rotate for life , difficult family relationship that punish , and " common people " have such one omnipotent remote controller psychology at, what the playwriter grasped in this respect is thorough! Leading man's wheat can Newman represent general masses , enable the people who view and admire the films to realize the man in his life deeply

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    This film is really good, is a successful comedy plot slice~it is much more than an interest horizontal get, let the person smile convulsive of comedy, many also lets the public have together in the play feeling, positive because the plot comes close reality, what to point is to is busy for life of run round in circles, hard processing of family relation, also have "ordinary people" if own thus an all-powerful remote control of mindset, dramatize to control thoroughly in this aspect!The male leading role Michael's Niu Man then represented general public, let the persons who appreciate the movies can deeply realize his life~

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    This piece really very good, is successful comedy plot piece ~ it not

    only an interest comes up in great numbers and from all sides, lets

    the person smile to the convulsions comedy, in the play are many place

    also lets the will of the people have the same feeling, just because

    the plot draws close to the reality, refers is for lives busy running

    around in circles, processes with difficulty diplomatic relation, but

    also has "average person" if had time this kind of multi-purpose

    remote control point of view, the screenwriter in the incisiveness

    which this on the one hand grasps! The actor wheat might Newmann

    represent the common populace, enables the people which watched the

    movie all deep deeply to realize his life ~

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