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急**** 英文高手..幫幫我 20點



glass slippers玻璃拖鞋





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    In somewhere far far and away, there was a vampire who lived in a

    restroom inside a park. The park is deserted and will soon turn into a

    construction site for a shopping mall. "It is Halloween," the vampire

    thought, as he flip through the calendar to find the date of October 31st. His days are dull and boring without the presence of the holiday.

    Holloween is the day which he can come out and dine for blood. He

    wouldn't stand the grief of losing the opportunity to get some fresh

    blood from anything. As he ...ate his porridge, his mind thought of a

    beautiful woman wearing glass slippers walking down the lane, and he

    would drink her blood like there is no tomorrow. "But all that is

    fantasy," he thought, because he had no teeth whatsoever. His eyes

    slowly turn to the fog skies of autumn and rest there with the grief in his



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    There was a vampire whose name is Sherry. She's lonely since she has never fall in love. One day, she saw a beautiful pair of glass slippers on her way home. She really wanted to buy it since it's really beautiful. Plus, she always wishes to meet her own prince just like Cinderella did. However, it's too costly, and she can't even offer it. Suddenly, she reminded that Aunt Mary owned her 1000 pounds, and she thought she wrote the note down on her calendar. Therefore, she ran quickly to her home, and was happily to find that this is the truth. She then called Aunt Mary, and fortunately, Aunt Mary promised her that she would pay her back for the money. Sherry was so excited, and she went to the store soon after as she wished to ask the owner to keep the shoes for her. On the way to the store, she was starved, so, she bought a bowel of porridge, and finished them in one minute. Perhaps, she was just gobbled, so, she had a pain in bowel. She ran quickly into a restroom as she couldn't stand it anymore. Finally when she came out from the restroom, she kept moving forward to the store. Everything was going smoothly as she wished, and she paid the owner 10% deposit. Unfortunately, a shock came to her as a sudden. A girl ran fast into the store, and broke the glass slippers. Sherry was so sad with grief because she finally lost the shoes, and her dream would never come true.

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