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staff positions 要怎麼翻譯才好?

There are a number of ways doctorates are funded in Germany including

through staff positions, as contract researchers on funded projects,

through scholarships and through earnings from other employment.


我想知道在這裡的 staff positions要怎麼翻比較好

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    staff position 是指編制內人員, 其薪水編列在實驗室的預算中. 不受project funding 的限制.

    相對於 contract researcher on funded projects (由project經費聘請的合約人員), scholarship (錢的來源為獎學金之提供單位), through earnings from other employment (其他收入).

    Staff position 要怎麼翻譯啊.. 僱員吧, 但是用在這裡不大稱頭. 再想想.

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    我想可以翻譯為 "編缺" 、 "員編" (編制內的員額或是缺額)。

    其薪資來自於所屬的 "機構"、"編組" 等的 固定維持費科預算科目,不是 浮動式的,也就是非屬矩陣編組 (MATRIX) 或是 "人力派遣的" 臨時人員缺額。

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