need knowledgeable answer about agonist vs antagonist drugs?

i am disabled and have no insurance of any kind. my doc has prescribed the cheapest generic pain meds he can but between the visit and the cost of the meds i spend half my check. the meds are 10mg oxycontin and 60 mg ms contin.

if anyone understands about the agonist and antagonist drugs what i'm wondering is if there are some of the older drugs that will work for pain and be cheaper and will not put me through withdrawal.

i hope this makes sense.

any helpful answers will be appreciated.


i have to wait 2 years for medicaid from the time i became disabled. there are no other options i can promise you i have checked everywhere for assistance, that is how it works. i don't qualify for medicare because my check is too much. the cut off is around 600.00 and i get just a little more than that. it's aas if i am being punished for having went to school and made better money than if i had never done anything because if i had done that i would automatically qualify for medicare.

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    Both the drugs you have mentioned are pure agonists. You do not want to be switching between agonist and antagonist drugs when treating chronic pain. If you are disabled then you should qualify for the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. 10mg oxycontin are expensive even if you are buying the generic form. 10mg oxycodone are dirt cheap so maybe you should ask about switching to them instead of the oxycontin. 60mg ms-contin are relatively cheap in the generic form. Try switching to taking more of the ms-contin for day to day pain and then get an RX for 5 or 10mg plain oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Switching away from the oxycontin will save you at least 25% or more off your total drug bill.

    Stay away from all antagonist drugs for treatment of chronic pain - these are not a viable option. Work on getting your Medicare part D drug insurance. yes, you will have to wait 24 months to qualify. In the meantime look into Patient Assistance Programs because while you might not qualify for medicaid you probably will qualify for PAP and might even qualify to receive your meds for free. This will take some diligence and follow through on your part, along with cooperation from your physician but after jumping through all the hoops necessary for successful application this would mean several hundred dollars a month now spent on medicine instead staying in your pocket. Here are some of the well know PAPs available to people in need. Different drug companies have different income level tests for qualification so do not give up if the first place you look says that you do not qualify.

    This is the PAP program Montel Williams does advertising for:

    The squeeky wheel gets the grease so if you work through these programs I'm sure you can eventually find some help.

    good luck

    btw - in the meantime you might save a few bucks by asking whether or not your pharmacy carries morphine sulphate extended release tablets. These work the same as ms-contin and also come in a generic form but might be a little less expensive than the generic ms-contin

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    first of all I think you should be aware of what antagonist and agonist means: The antagonist muscle opposes the agonist during an exercise. For example, during the lifting phase of a biceps curl, the triceps muscles lengthen as the biceps contract. During the lowering phase, the opposite occurs and the biceps lengthen and become the antagonist.

    What the drugs do:

    An agonist drug that binds to a receptor of a cell and triggers a response by the cell. An agonist often mimics the action of a naturally occurring substance. (for instance as in parkinson disease)

    An agonist produces an action. It is the opposite of an antagonist which acts against and blocks an action.

    Oxycodone is a narcotic pain- reliever and cough suppressant similar to codeine and hydrocodone. The precise mechanism of pain relief by oxycodone and other narcotics is not known. The combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen (Percocet) achieves greater pain relief than either of the component medications taken separately.

    I think you need to speak to your doctor in depth about your condition, if he won't listen take a second opinion until you are satisfied. Insurance or no insurance, you are still entitled to a pain free life. I wish you success

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