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Tell me about these cardiac findings?

If a person presents with symptoms of arrthymias, which has gone untreated but partly maintained on beta-blockers.

They have got the arrythmias from ingesting pioson which cause tachycardic and ionotropic damage to the heart.

Then if they have the followig finding on the ECG today when in a relaxed state...


25 years old

Vent. rate 90

PR interval 134 ms

QRS duration 86 ms

QT/QTc 330/403 ms

PRT axes 75 73 39

Normal sinus rhythm

Nonspecific T wave abnormality

Abnormal ECG

What kind of heart condition would they have?


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    That's essentially a useless EKG. Non-specific ST-T abnormalities are a dime a dozen and typically meaningless.

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