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Where can I find Michael Dyvene Smith's Obituary?

Michael Dyvene Smith father of Shawn Dyvene Smith and Chad Dyvene Smith died in Texas in 2004.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Good question. Maybe it can't be found.

    Considering both Shawn and Chad were born in Dallas County, it should be in the Dallas Morning News archive - but it isn't.

    The Social Security Death Index lists a Michael D. Smith born 7/31/1963 died 7/31/2004 who got his SS card in Texas but lists him WITHOUT A PLACE OF DEATH.

    Even though he and Cindy got divorced as of 7/16/1999, (marriage 10/14/1983) I still checked for any Cindy J Smith of the right age currently in Texas - maybe he moved to be near his kids? There is a CJ Smith in Houston and one in Paris, TX. Not in Dallas. However, looking for obits for Michael in Houston gave me nothing, and I can't find those for Paris TX online going back to 2004.

    Now, she might have gone back to her maiden name as there is someone who fits that in Duncanville. (A Dallas subburb) which leads me back to the Morning News and nothing.

    Your only hope is to provide us with more information, for instance, are you positive that he is dead. He'd only be 44 so how did he die? Did he get remarried and what is that wife's name? Is his father Every D Smith or his mother Anita still alive? I can't find any listings for them in Texas, but several in Louisiana - too many to check...However, no Michael Smith obits in the New Orlean's Times-Picayune, either.

    Checked just in case.

    Source(s): Ancestry, zabasearch, rootsweb, legacy, the various newspapers...
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If Michael Dyvene Smith is someone you know, I'm sorry for your loss. This would be an easier question to answer if I knew the city in Texas. I could then recommend you contact that city's paper, or request copies of their archived stories from the particular month/week/day in 2004.

    I actually Googled Michael Dyvene Smith, and the only hit I got was your question.

    And also, just so you know, obituaries are usually only written for those people who were somewhat famous or had some kind of notoriety in their communities. Everyone else (I don't mean this to sound harsh or dismissive of those who weren't famous or known) just gets a death notice, usually.

    Obituary - a story on the person's life.

    Death notice - includes the person's birth and death dates, survivors, and maybe information about funeral arrangements, and that's it.

    Source(s): Me - I majored in journalism and work at a newspaper.
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