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Diffused B cell Lymphoma??

My mother was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of Diffused B cell Lymphoma. I've already done a lot of research on the matter but I want to hear from anyone out there who knows or have known anyone with this illness. What problems did they face? What was the outcome of their treatment? What is the survival rate? I love my mother very much and I don't think I could make it without her. I hope her therapy goes well and she can beat this thing. Another question I have is how long before they were diagnosed? My mother was in and out of three hospitals and was even seeing a Cancer specialist for two years before she was offically diagnosed with it. No one knew what she had until last week and she went from a happy, independent woman to incoherant and unable to take care of herself in less than 2 weeks! Does anyone have any anwsers for me? Please?

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