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I dont know what to do?

There is this boy i like. he is in the same grade as me. hes cute and funny. he already showed the 4rth sign, that he likes me. you see #1-he looks at you often #2- he runs into you #3- he talks to you in the middle of anything with a friend #4 if he starts a little fight like, he tells other guys to not listen to you. the final one is #5-he has the courage to ask you out, which will tell me if he really does like me, i want him to like me, but, i also dont want him to like me. hes very cute, and i wish that he liked me more, or even had the courage to ask me out. you see, im very old school, i would like it if guys asked me out, it really tells yo something about him. help me, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Update: too scared to ask him

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  • 1 decade ago
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    listening to your reasoning from one through five it sounds rather text bookish.

    so, does this instruction manual (yours or theirs) go beyond #5?

    if not, let that be a clue to stop there and move on to your school books until you become of age to handle real life.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tell him about your feelings. Most people regret not for the things that they have done, but for the things that they have not done.... TELL HIM!!!

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