Steam comes off my car hood when it rains/snows while I am driving? How come? Windshield also fogs up badly.?

No one smokes. Regular mechanic says water is coming in through the tail lights hence causing the fogging up of the winshield. Mechanic says steam coming off the car hood is normal.

Not a radiator problem as the engine is not overheating. I can literally see steam come off the hood and only when it gets wet while driving.

Dealer says water coming in the tail lights but not enough to cause the level of fogging up that is happening (it is really bad) Dealer says probably water somewhere in the dash. 1988 Prelude.

(I know to use a/c, clean windshield etc.)


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  • JetDoc
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    1 decade ago
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    The steam on the hood IS normal. Your engine gets warm, and heats the metal surface of the hood. When water from rain or snow lands on the hot metal, it heats up and turns to steam.

    Heavy fogging on the inside of the windshield is most likely due to moisture somewhere inside the car... damp carpets, water in the taillights, or water leaking in around weather seals around doors and windows. The only way to cure this is to find the source of the excess moisture and stop the water from getting in. Then, once the interior has dried out, the fogging problem should be cured.

  • bungee
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    1 decade ago

    make sure you have your air selector control set to use outside air. you should select inside air only when you run the ac in the summer. I can think of no reason that your tail lights leaking would cause your windshield to fog over. Your car is kinda old and the insulation under the hood may be bad or gone completely causing the hood to be warmer than normal from engine heat which would cause the steam in wet weather. I would not worry about the steam on the hood at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    Small car small cabin. The moisture coming off you is enough to fog up the windshield. If the a/c starts smelling sweet you may have a heater core leak which will cause a greasy condensation. The engine is hot and right under the hood. steaming when wet is normal.

  • 1 decade ago

    If water is coming in through the tail lights, you'll need to track that leak down and fix it so water can't get in. Usually, when the interior windows fog up excessively, it indicates that water or possibly coolant is pooling somewhere and adding humidity to the interior of the car. This also happens when the heater core is leaking and coolant pools in the bottom of the heater core box where the air circulates and is heated and then blown into the vents by the blower motor. The fresh air intake may also be plugged up with debris (leaves, dirt, etc. and is not draining properly) or it might be a leak around the windshield or weatherstripping around the doors allowing water to come in when it rains. This is going to be a process of elimination.......Check the carpets to see if they are damp or wet anywhere and then look for leaks above that point (since water runs downhill). With your car being 20 yrs old, I would also check to see if the floor boards are solid and don't have any small holes that have rusted through, allowing water to spray up through them and wet the carpet from underneath. You may have to pull up the carpet to check them. Good Luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Steam off of the hood is just the engine heat heating the hood which causes the water/snow to evaporate.

    As for your car fogging up the windows. If you are running the heater then your heater core is bad. If you are not running the heater turn it on and make sure it is on defrost. This runs the A/C as well removing moisture from the cabin air.

  • 5 years ago

    I know this is an old thread, but the moisture inside the car can be something as simple as a drink in the cup holder. My entire windshield fogged up on the inside because of a soda I had left in the car overnight.

  • Ebonie
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    4 years ago

    Color of smoke might be telling. Dark is probably oil, white is probably coolant. Certainly a head gasket is a candidate but if the fluids are holding, the thermostat is a great possibliltiy as suggested earlier. Radiator, hose, or water pump leaks are another possiblity. Because your oil is supposedly not burning up, coolant is the next big item to look at. I suppose, something could be sitting on the exhaust and burning as well. Would need more info.

  • renye
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    3 years ago

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