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How to send a movie in a file transfer????

I tried using winRAR and it doesn't work. I tried sending it through Yahoo and AIM and it just sits there with no progress. I don't know how to do it! Anyone know??


And to add the file is too big to send via email, and it doesn't send as a regular file transfer

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    Most emails will only allow a max size for the file transfer.... usually 10mb-15mb. Movies are usually about 700mb which is way too much for an email. or is a free site to send up to 100mb. ... but still not big enough for a movie file. You may have to use their subscription service.

    The last option i recommend is to use

    download that.... it's a program like AIM.... however, you can leave the file transfer on for a long time.

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    Just put it in its own file and send it like any other file - attached to an e-mail like you would a picture or anything else.

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    Subscribe to for a free trial, and they will allow you upload till 2 GB! for around 14 days!

    So you can mail all your movies to anyone you want!

    Happy uploading! $:-)

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    u can use

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