Does anyone know where I can forward all these e-mail scams I get???

I must get 20-50 per day!!!! That is just crazy! Saying I won the british lottery or that some person I never heard of left me like 200 million dollars....yeah right!

Anyway, I thougt there might be a government agency that delas with these maybe a site or address that I could just forward these to where they could maybe bust some of these guys (or girls, to be PC). I never hear of too many people getting busted for running these operations....i with they would, they drive me nuts!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The solution is to open a Gmail account and use that for internet interactions...

    and every time you get a scam email, just mark it "spam" and you will not get it again.

    And of course they already have a good spam blocker anyway, so you won't have to deal with many of them in the first place.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi there, I'll be watching this question in the hope you do find somewhere to send them. I too get alot of these scam emails and its bloody annoying. Good luck

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