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Anonymous asked in 遊戲及休閒電視及網上遊戲 · 1 decade ago


我好慘 唔知點解次次入runescape要等好耐先可以開門 打怪 你一登入係咩都做唔到..只可以走路...如果keep住係咁我係wildy好危險 我如果skulled左入game按唔到野就死緊...

求你們幫幫手 有冇人以前試過 ?可唔可以教我點整番好? 唔該哂all runescape fans!




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  • 1 decade ago
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    This problem is normally caused by either playing RuneScape from a slow computer or connecting on a poor quality Internet connection between your computer and runescape. Even if you're using a super-fast computer connected using an ultra-fast cable link, it is still possible that one of the machines on the route from runescape to you isn't up to the task, resulting in poor performance occasionally.

    To reduce the problem you can:

    1. Try playing on one of runescape's in a different country; for instance, even if you live in the US you might get a better link to UK servers.

    2. Make sure there aren't any other programs using your Internet connection. Close any unnecessary software which may be running on your computer. In particular, don't try playing RuneScape at the same time as downloading files or watching Web TV as this doesn't work very well!

    3. Try playing at a different time of day, when the Internet is quieter and the various routers across the Internet aren't overloaded.

    4. On the 'Play-game' page, where you choose between high and low detail, you will see a scroll at the bottom of the page. Try clicking on the drop-down menu on this scroll and select 'Signed Applet using SUN Java' and then proceed to load the game as normal.

    5. If you are using an older version of Windows, ensure your Java Just-In-Time compiler for virtual machine is enabled. In Internet Explorer, under: Tools > Internet-Options > Advanced > Microsoft VM.

    6. Try improving your computer.

    7. Try using a different ISP (Internet-Service-Provider).

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  • 1 decade ago

    no no no

    u can't fight in wildy anymore

    rs has updated

    and.........要等好耐先可以開門 打怪 你一登入係咩都做唔到..只可以走路

    hmm.use other acc to get the place where u log out and if u see it is safe,change acc and log in lo.!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i think your computer cant play runescape.try download java sun and try.

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