UE-indivudual presentation

係indivudual presentation 開頭既方法is what??plz give me some examples

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    Section D Oral

    Individual Presentation

    Content and opinion is not so important , but affect the presentation , of course

    1. BASICS:

    - pronunciation : make sure that don’t mispronoun any words

    if don’t know the words, don’t use them

    intonation + phrasing = fluency

    - grammar

    - intelligibility (overall organisation)


    - directly affected your presentation

    - persume it is written by yourself

    - forget the writer


    - find which part you are weak in, practice it and make improvement

    Group Discussion

    - group interation

    - don’t try to be smart on aggressive as it is not a debate, is how to tackle a problem

    1. Sum up points discussed before moving on

    2. Follow or refer to preceding ideas or arguments before expressing own opinion

    3. Make sure to discuss both content and format

    4. Discuss a point adequately before turning to the next point; otherwise discussion unable to last so long

    5. Always be alert of the whole situation, especially keeping to the topic and time management

    6. Help passive candidates by asking him/her questions which provide a choice of answers

    7. Suggest voting or concede your stance when there is a stalemate

    8. Perform different roles (agree,disagree, questions, interruption...etc)

    9. Always present your arguments in a short paragraph.

    10. Interrupt the candidates if he try to move on to next point/issue just after 3 mins of the discussion.


    1. Shall we start our discussion?

    2. Sum up the topic

    3. Express your opinion (1 minute)

    4. Ask others (look at the other three candidates, don’t just look at one)

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