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找尋英文演講內容 急!! 題目:My Good Friend

題目在標題那我學校要演講 所以請各位大大們可以直接給我內容 因為小弟作文不是很好 請各位大大給我一則長達三分鐘以上的作文內容 謝謝!

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    問: What do you value in the friendship?

    答: In our lives, we make a lot of friends. And it is important to have good friends! Someone said ‘We are judged by our company.’ It is true! We are benefited by our friends all the times. What I value the most in the friendship are

    First of all, I would say reliability is the most important and the basis of friendship. We want a friend is faithful when we are in good times and bad times. The so-called ‘fair-weather friend’ is not real friends. It is not so important he is high-educated or rich. But what counts is ‘faithfulness’. If we find a friend who cares and support us, we should cherish so much!

    Second, I hope my friends and I can share a lot of things together. I would say it is also important. Each person may have different kind of friends, like reading friends, toastmaster friends, Mah-jong friends, mountain-climbing, dancing friends, traveling friends -------! It would be much more fun when we have the same hobbies!

    Third, I value the friends that I could learn something from or encourage me. This is also important. Friends help friends grow up not tear down. I cherish some friends in toastmaster club years ago, for that is the time we had a good time, encourage each other and learn from each other!

    In conclusion, in our lives, we cannot do well without friends. With good friends, we will be growing up. With bad friends, we may be dragged down! Choose good friends and be a good friend are all important!

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