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My personal interest is occasionally to listen to music, gets to the Internet to chat, plays ball and reads an extracurricular book usually. Tell you secretly~in fact I very gossip! To all of any things is to hope the first pry arrive! As long as the classmate inquisitive gossips all will ask me, I know of the matter say!Unless is an important matter just will not reveal! I think I most the specialty of specialty is a table tennis! Because elementary school six years all attending all of table tennis team, all techniques and actions is to master at that time again! But ascended a junior high school to play the probability of table tennis till now ever since that time less and less, at home also occasionally the team is strong to practice just, up university I hope having a chance is able to attend a table tennis club! Can not only meet more powerful opponent but also know more friends! The social interaction must have! I like to hand over a lot of friends, having chance that must know more people!

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    My hobbies are listening to music, reading books , playing balls

    and surfing the Internet to chat.

    To tell truth, I'm a gossip. I like to pry about other people's affairs

    so I'm the first person who knows. As long as my curious classmates ask me, I will tell them what I know except very important matters.

    I'm very good at playing table tennis because I attended the table tennis team in the elementary school and had learned all skills and actions

    for six years. Since I played less and less in the junior high school,

    but practiced at home sometimes. I hope to have a chance to attend

    a table tennis club again when I study in the university. I can not only

    meet more powerful opponents but also know more friends.

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