socially responsible and irresponsible companies?

I have a school project on socially responsible and irresponsible companies in which I have to identify and describe at least three socially responsible and three socially irresponsible companies. Could someone please help me and give me some detailed information or some website that I could visit?

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    Business Ethics 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2007

    1 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.

    2 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

    3 NIKE, Inc.

    4 Motorola, Inc.

    5 Intel Corporation

    6 International Business Machines Corporation

    7 Agilent Technologies, Inc.

    8 Timberland Company (The)

    9 Starbucks Corporation

    10 General Mills Incorporated


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    Irresponsible Companies

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    Of course it is. there are many social entrepreneurs, many socially responsible companies, even mutual funds---and they turn a profit. Green buildings, electric cars, recycling, profit sharing, paying for college, family leave, on-site childcare---so many ways companies help the community. Target gives millions back, Toyota produces next to no landfill & waste, REI is worker owned, etc.

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    Exxon -- irresponsible -- Look Up Exxon Valdez

    Google - responsible -- look it up too!

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    Responsible: From Business Ethics 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2007 - these 3 companies are in the top ten. I have put their ranking in parenthesis beside the company name.

    1. (1) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: For 25 years, we have been on a deliberate journey to create and sustain a values-driven company that views profit as a means to achieve a higher purpose.

    Through our conscientiously profitable business model we hope to inspire others to view business as a partner, and positive change agent, in the global effort to create long-term solutions and sustainability for people and ecosystems worldwide. At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), we aspire to behave in a way that everyone we interact with is better off for having known us. That is, every stakeholder will have the “ultimate coffee experience” not only in the quality of our coffee and services but in the quality of our relationships and the way we do business.

    We work to achieve this goal by integrating our values with our business operations and allocating 5% of our pre-tax earnings to social and environmental causes, focusing on our Company Purpose and Principles in business operations. We are motivated to achieve success because the more profi table we are, the more good we can do in the world.

    Important Issues to Green Mountain: Fair Trade, disaster relief and more;

    Their web site:

    2. (10) General Mills, Incorporated: At General Mills, we are guided by our values — they are the source of our strength, and the heart of who we are. Those values guide us to be involved in our communities and affect positive change.

    Important issue to General Mills:

    Community Action: General Mills Foundation,Youth Nutrition & Fitness

    Their Web Site:

    3. (8) Timberland Company (The): Our mission is to equip people to make a difference in their world. We do this by creating outstanding products and by trying to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.

    Our place in this world is bigger than the things we put in it. So we volunteer in our communities. Making new products goes hand in hand with making things better. That means reducing our carbon footprint and being as environmentally responsible as we can.

    We love every minute we spend outdoors, and we work hard to create things that make that experience better in every way.

    Important Issues to Timberland: Community Involvement, Environment, Global Labor Standards.

    Their Web Site:

    Socially Irresponsible: From a site called Fast Company - Nine Socially Irresponsible Companies

    1. Hewlett-Packard: Earlier this year, HP admitted to hiring private detectives to illegally obtain the personal phone records of board members suspected of leaking company secrets to the media. Five people have since been charged, including former chairwoman Patricia Dunn.

    2. Exxon-Mobil: A UN-affiliated team of 1,800 climatologists says the Earth's climate has changed since the pre-industrial era. ExxonMobil, which made $36 billion last year thanks to oil price hikes after Hurricane Katrina, says the evidence is inconclusive.

    3. Dow Chemical: Twenty-two years ago this month, a gas leak at a Dow-owned plant in Bhopal, India, killed 8,000 people and inflicted exposure-related illness on 150,000 more. The company, which admits no wrongdoing, recently announced a major expansion in India.

    There are many more examples of both kinds of companies. I just chose 3 of each as example.'

    Good luck!

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