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wich bikes are better GT bikes or mongoose.?

If possible give me the best freestyle bikes that are out now.

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    Trust me GT bikes are top quality. I own a 97` gt BMX and have ride it on a normal basis for about 10 years and it still is in top shape. GT bikes are more expensive, but thats only because they are better quality. They make great race bikes and BMX, i never rode any of there other bikes though.

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  • moyes
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    4 years ago

    Mongoose Gt

  • DH1
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    1 decade ago

    The two you mentioned are equal caliber bikes, but it needs to be stated that both of the brands you are listing are toy bikes.

    Everyone will have an opnion on this. If you are buying a toy for a kid, get it at a toy store or walmart. If you think the rider (you or someone else) will want to take the sport seriously, go to a local bike shop and invest in a quality bike.

    Fact< Both GT and Mongoose (and schwinn for that matter) are all made by Pacific Bicycle company. They are all toy store quality bikes, and not intended for anything other than casual riding. If you look closely none of the components are quality....all Chinese knockoff junk.

    Recently some bike stores began carrying GT and Schwinn bikes that are built to bike store standards...but the vast majority of those brands are still toy bikes.

    Source(s): ....and life experience. 35 yrs old and rode Schwinn and Mongoose bikes when they were good quality, competition grade BMX bikes. Ever since they got bought by Pacific, they are just garbage with a recognizeable brand name. If you buy a bike from Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sears, or whoever...they might meet your needs if you are just going to ride casually. They are not designed or manufactured to be a quality BMX bike.
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    Gt...mongoose is too heavy. I have a gt performer 2006 and it works nice. Real sturdy and everything. Besides...y do u think mongoose has to go so low as to sell their bikes at walmart? GT are high quality. If you have some reviews of gt bikes on Ride BMX or BMX plus!!! Good luck..i guess.

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  • Martha
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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Forget brand names and look at how the bikes are equipped. Make your choice that way. When looking to buy AT A BIKE SHOP you'll find that those kinds of bikes are very close as far as quality of components so it may end up being what color you like!

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    it depends on how much money you want to spend-

    mongoose do better bikes for low budget buyers

    but GT do better bikes for people with more money

    i also think mongoose are better value for money

    i have a mongoose tyax elite '07

    its a great bike with great everything and i only got it for £230

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    those are gay they wont last u a long time

    it better to get a more expensive bike that will last u for a long time

    u should go to a local "bike" shop and ask for a bike that fits you or who ever

    the tops quality bikes that i knoe are good are: eastern bikes, fly bikes, mirraco, and other

    a good website where u can find any kind of bike is

    they have every thing

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    Neither Both are Walmart Bikes and very Cheap. Try Giant, Trek or Haro or Felt Branded Bikes. Good Luck

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    Mongoose, Schwinn, and Gt. all three are made by Pacific if that answers anything

    Source(s): Mountain Bike Action, May 2007, page 162
  • Anonymous
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    GT no questions about it


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