What is better, a Taurus PT 99 or Browning High Power 9mm?

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I just picked up a chrome Taurus PT 99 AS in 9mm. The shop I bought it from also had a Browning High Power 9mm that has Nazi stamps on it. I am wondering which of the two is the ...show more
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I'm not sure I understand your question as to "which is the better handgun?" Better for what? The Taurus will probably make a better carry gun and shooter. It is made of stainless steel, and is not 60+ years old. Your Waffenampt proofed FN Hi-Power (if in good condition and properly marked) could be worth up to $3500 or more, and is therefore a better handgun from a collector's standpoint. It could probably still be called on for self-defense, however. Quality-wise, the Belgian-made, Browning-designed FN probably beats out the PT99. Don't let anyone talk down your Taurus, though. Their model 92 and 99 9mm's are made in a factory purchased by Taurus from Beretta in Sao Paulo Brazil in about 1980, along with the tooling, technical drawings, and work force necessary to produce several different pistol designs, including the 99, so it is essentially a Beretta pistol.

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Yeah, I like the Browning better and it is a fully functioning collector. But for plinking, I'll take the Taurus anyday. thanks
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  • tugar357 answered 6 years ago
    The Browning.....the Taurus is not even a serious contender. A good buddy of mine had a PT99 and it was a major pain to keep that thing from rusting.
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  • Spades Of Columbia answered 6 years ago
    Is this for real....Browning or Taurus....I dont care if that Taurus is plated in Gold and made by God himself, it will never perform as good as a well maintained High power.
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  • John T answered 6 years ago
    I have a Taurus 911SS and a High Power. I carry the 911, and it's a really great firearm. Accurate, reliable, decent enough trigger that I haven't had to have it fixed. But it can't compare to the High Power. If the 99 is a 6 on a scale of 1-10 the scale isn't big enough to hold the High Power.
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  • boker_magnum answered 6 years ago
    Browning is by far the better pistol.
    Comparing browning and taurus is like comparing bentley and kia.
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  • Donnie Mac answered 6 years ago
    Of the 2 I would take a Browning over a Taurus any day.
    Taurus was considered a Saturday Night Special only a few years ago.
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  • low_hd_rider answered 6 years ago
    hi power hands down
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  • WC answered 6 years ago
    Taurus handguns are substandard in my opinion, regardless of how highly some think of them. I would opt for the older Hi-Power any day.
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  • Stampy Skunk answered 6 years ago
    Taurus is no wheres near in the same catagory as Browning fire arms.... never will either.....


    11 years Army - WWII Rifle collector
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