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Is there any current news about Guillermo Ochoa going outside Mexico?

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    Still status quo. Rumour has it that Memo is wanted by Man U. But other European clubs have taken notice and might make a move to sign Ochoa if Man U have not beaten them all to his signature.

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    I'd like him to leave to Manchester for two reasons:

    #1. I'm a Manchester United fan so I'd be thrilled to see him play for my favorite club.

    #2. I think i'd be good for him to gain some European experience and the EPL would definetly provide him with that experience.

  • Actually, what I'm gonna do, is not even worry about it until his gorgeous lips reports, " Yeah, I'm leaving for [insert team here] In[Insert date here] And yeah this is bad news =[

    1) I don't want america to collapse after this

    2) he'd be super far away =[


    1) He'll learn more and add on to his bad-assidy

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    He Should go to Manchester. I heard he is leaving to manchester. Thats good for him he deserves to go to a big club. He is the best mexican goalie for right now and for the future.

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    he already sign contract with manchester they paid 13.5 million to go he is ;eaving in enero or in six months you can go their official website bad news right for me it is

  • 1 decade ago

    Manchester United which is in England

    wants to contract him.

    America is my favorite team and i don't want

    him to leave

  • yeah he's going to la galaxy

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    who the hell is he??

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