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I have a few ideas, What kind of car should I get?

Right now I have a 2001 VW Jetta vr6 and hate it, so I am possibly getting a new car.

I have a few ideas like

Scion Tc

Ford Escape

Toyota Tacoma

Mazda 3

any ideas? I know honda civics are good cars but everyone has one and they are kind of boring looking to me haha

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    All of those choices would be great. I would recommend the tC 1st, followed by the Mazda3, and if you really need atruck the Tacoma is the best to get.

    I would also recommend the Civic even though they are boring, as well as the Toyota Corolla 'S' model which actually looks pretty good for a Corolla lol.

    Good Luck

    Another suggestion is the Honda Prelude. If you find one that is 98-01 it will have the H22 engine in it with right about 200HP. It is very fast, has a VTEC engine, handles great for FWD, geats awesome mileage, is soooo reliable, looks awesome and is all around a great car, and offers more performance than the tC, or Mazda 3.

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    Until recently I was an A rate line technician at a Mazda dealership. The Mazda 3 has a good service record so far and the drivers of these vehicles seem to bond with them real fast. I was concerned with the amount of new technology in the vehicle but so far so good! I also like the Mazda 6 that another poster has researched.

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    Chevy Cobalt SS

    Honda Civic SI

    Toyota Matrix XR

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    I'm getting a new car in January and I think I've decided on the Mazda6. In all my research the Mazda seems like a pretty strong choice.

    I keep hearing "get a Honda" as well...but I just really don't like Honda's...especially the Civic.

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    Toyota Tacoma

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    I just bought a Jeep Patriot and it's amazing.

    I can fit my longboard (surfboard) inside it, it's a sizable SUV with 28mpg and part time 4wd.

    And with a few extras added on, it was still only about $20K brand new with a 6-year warranty and lifetime drive train guarantee.

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    its your choice

    just pick the one that best benefeits you

    need money for gas get the better mileage one. get the best MP3 player/phone/navigation, get that one. whatever you are looking for would be in one of those cars. I personally think the Ford Escape is cool


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    Scion Tc..its pretty nice

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    The Mazda 3 is bangin...get that one.

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