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How much is a tune up for a 01' Jeep Grand Cherokee, and where should I go?

again, I drive a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD 4dr SUV with the 4.7L V8 SOHC 16V FI Engine. It's at almost 80k miles. I have been having some probs with it dieing and I think I'm in need of a good ol' tune up.

About how much will that run me, and would you suggest a "jiffy lube" type place to be fine, or would it be benificial to take it to a dealership and pay the extra $... please help???


no CEL on, just need to kow what to budget for. i will probably take it to a local mechanic, just wante to know if there was a bid advantage to a dealership.

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    our v-8 tune ups are $73. if it is dying, a tune up may be needed, or make it better, but probably will not fix it. it may have a problem with the idle air control motor or the throttle postion sensor. never take any vehicle to a jiffy lube typ0e place for anything at all. low quality parts, wrong parts, and damged vehicles are what you could expect. take it to a dealer.

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    I work at a Chrysler dealership. I would not reccomend a Jiffy lube kind of place, reason being, if your havin gproblems with it dying then there's a bigger problem than it needing a tune up. Call your local dealer and schedule an appointment.. or you can find a local shop and take it in there, but I would just go to a dealer.

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    I would not trust a jiffy lube, or any place like that. You have any mechanics you know or a real shop you can trust? If not price a dealer......

    But you dont have a distributor or wires. So really all you need is to swap out Plugs and air filter. If you have a CEL (check engine light on) then might need to replace a Coil but only replace those if CEL is on and telling you one is busted! Fuel Filter in with your fuel pump so no need replace that with out paying $$ cause you need to drain tank and drop it.

    2-3hrs labor, and say filter at $20 and plugs at $40 guessing about 250.00-300.00


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