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Is oracle and Sql are same? If not please tell me in detail.?

What is DBA?what course are included in there? Now i like to go for database but i dnt know which one will make more money. and which institute will be the best for leaning database?

Some said oracle and mysql are only for Database/webmanagement... is that true?

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  • Manny
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    1 decade ago
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    IT Director is partially right. Almost all relational databases work out of the Structured Query Language (SQL) from a common language called ANSI 92 or SQL 92.

    All flavors of relational databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Postgres, etc comply with the minimum standards of SQL 92. However, they have their own differences in functions and syntax that make them attractive for different purposes.

    DBA is a Data Base Administrator. You can learn to be a DBA with a IS Degree. However, corporations now a days are requiring certifications.

    Top dollar positions are Oracle DBA's because they were the leaders on the market at one time.

    Now you also hear MySQL, Postgres, and Microsoft.

    However, big companys tent to choose Oracle because is a solid platform to run their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

    Looking at what is used to run the most popular ERP systems (SAP, Peoplesoft, Lawson, etc) you will find Oracle behind it. Another reason is that it runs in UNIX as well as Microsoft platforms. That is why Microsoft has not been able to cut the progress from Oracle.

    Any relational database can be used for web applications, so don't pay attention to this area so much to make your decision. Look into relational databases for ERP systems, that is where the $$$$ is!

    However, some companies also use these relational databases for data warehouse, online transaction processing, and EIS (Executive Information Systems), so demand for skills on these areas are good.

    Where to go to learn, I can't recommend anything in particular. If you have an IS Degree you might just need to read a lot and get certified. If you want other approach go back to college.

    Personally I have learned all on my own after I got the base from college.

    Source(s): Certified Information Systems Auditor with more than 12 years in system security, data forensic, and business controls.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I'll do my best to help out...

    Oracle and SQL is like apples and oranges - they are not the same. Oracle is a large sortware company that has several products. One of their main products is a database platform. SQL is a programming language (Structured Query Language) that is used to get at and analyse data in a database. You should be able to access data in an oracle database using sql, but oracle also has it's own commands that are not part of sql as well.

    A DBA is a database analyst - someone who knows sql and has worked on some databases, like oracle.

    These are not only for web management. Every company that has large amounts of data, like customer lists, use a large database and would need DBAs. Retailers, catalogers, grocery stores, casinos all have extremely large data warehousing operations.

    Source(s): IT director - 3 years
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

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