Anarchism in the united states?

I'm doing this subject for a research paper for my history class. Does anyone know a good website or a book that would help me further in this subject?

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    Another Wikipedia article:

    It doesn't really cover the history of anarchism in the US, but it covers the present-day movement. If you're looking into the history of anarchism in North America (several people, including Ricardo Flores Magon, were active in both the United States and Mexico), you'll have to sift through the present-day debates to get at the 19th and 20th century movements.

    I can't get around that, so this will have to be long, incomplete, and biased.

    Josiah Warren emphasized "individual sovereignty" as the most secure foundation for any community. He opposed and parodied government. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon proposed similar ideas in France, and Charles Dana, William B. Greene, and Lysander Spooner brought these to the United States and combined Warren's ideas, Proudhon's ideas, and transcendental philosophy (Emerson, Thoreau, et al.).

    Joseph Dejacque moved to the United States in 1855. He argued that Proudhon didn't go far enough. (Proudhon opposed rule by the state, but applauded rule by the husband in marriage.) Dejacque also supported the egoism of Max Stirner.

    Warren was one of the first market anarchists (as was Proudhon). Dejacques was one of the first communist anarchists. Every notable American anarchist of the period was involved in the abolitionist movement.

    After the Civil War, there was a growing rivalry between the Boston anarchists (Spooner, Greene, Benjamin Tucker, later Victor Yarros, Voltairine de Cleyre, and so on) who proposed market anarchism, and the Chicago anarchists (Johann Most, Albert Parson, August Spies, Louis Lingg, Dyer Lum, and so on) who emphasized labor organization. Most of the Chicago anarchists were communists, but Lum was a mutualist like the Boston school. Many of the leading Chicago anarchists were killed by the state (the Haymarket Martyrs).

    In the early 20th century, the division between the two schools died down, and many anarchists without adjectives tried to combine the best ideas from each school. In this period, anarchists were active in the labor movement (particularly the IWW) and the Mexican Revolution.

    In the Red Scare, the United States stepped up its repression of anarchists. The Russian Revolution drew some revolutionaries towards Marxism and against anarchism. In the McCarthy Era, the United States went after both Marxists and anarchists, including anarchist critics of Marxism. They bribed and threatened most labor unions to purge both groups from their membership, and froze the assets, defense funds, etc. of those which did not.

    In the 1960s, certain figures on the left (e.g. Murray Bookchin, Noam Chomsky, etc.) and the right (e.g. Murray Rothbard, Karl Hess, etc.) expressed an interest in anarchist theory. Bookchin veered towards democratic socialism while Rothbard veered towards propertarianism and capitalism.

    Most anarchists regard Rothbard's "anarchocapitalism" as thinly-disguised statism, and Bookchin's "municipal socialism" in much the same light:

    You might look at Shawn Wilbur's site, which goes into the origins of anarchism and the development of mutualism on both sides of the Atlantic:

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    Don't forget Sacco and Vanzetti. America's primo anarchists who were executed for a murder they did not commit.

    Check this web site.

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    I always go to

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