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How about a nice story using these titles?

1. Amazed and Confused

2. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

3. Do It Anyway

4. O Come All Ye Faithful

5. Silent Night

6. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Enjoy! I look forward to reading your stories!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dodge City, Kansas

    Circa 1873


    "The Baby";_ylt=AsSKn...

    On his way across the street, Doc saw something that caught his eye. He walked over to the alley between U.S.Marshal Matt Dillon's office and the General Store.

    He saw a basket. Curious, he peered in......"What? Oh my gracious..... What Child is This?"


    "The Baby"

    Doc leaned over and picked up a newborn child. Cradling the infant in his arms, he was (!) Amazed and Confused. He took the baby to Matt's office.

    Matt was rummaging through his desk when Doc came in . As he straightened in his chair:" Well what do we have here?!"

    Doc explained:"Matt....Someone left a newborn....A NEWBORN in a basket in the alley." He rubbed his face and looked at the child who was waking up. It started crying.

    Doc:"Matt. Hold the baby."


    Doc:"Hold the baby..... I have something in my eye."

    Matt gingerly reached for the child.

    The door opened again and in walked Kitty. She was surprised, but more than that....She looked at Matt looking at the baby. How many years had she wanted to be the mother of his children? She fought hard to control her emotions. The lump in her throat made this difficult.

    Kitty:"Hello, cowboy. You seem to have a way with babies. Who knew?"

    Matt smiled briefly and kept a steady gaze on the little one.

    Doc:"It's okay, Matt. She won't break. Hold her close to your chest. She needs the security of human contact."

    Matt:" She?" He smiled............."But Doc....... I'm not sure I'm the right one to be doing this."

    Doc:" (3) Do It Anyway."

    Doc decided that he would bring the baby to the Prayer Meeting that night. More light might be shed on the situation,he reckoned. In the meantime, he asked Kitty if she would take charge.


    Doc:"Yes YOU."

    Kitty took the child to her living quarters above the Long Branch. She fed, bathed and rocked the child back to sleep.

    Kitty wiped her furrowed brow and sat down in a heap:" I'm (2)Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) GAWD........"

    That night at the Prayer Meeting, Preacher Proffit spoke:

    " (4) O Come All Ye Faithful to the The First Bible Church of Dodge City. Tonight we have in our midst a baby.... A newborn little girl. Does anyone know ANYTHING about this?" There was silence; But not for long. The baby started crying. The ONLY person who could get her quieted was Matt. All through the meeting , Matt tried to hand the baby to one of the ladies. Kitty was no longer an option. Her nerves had become so frazzled from her afternoon babysitting gig, that she had resorted to the 1873 version of Valium...... A TALL glass of Randy Scouse Git Rotgut!

    When the meeting ended, it was an unanimous decision that Matt take the baby home with him. The child simply fell to pieces unless she was in his arms.

    Matt kept looking at his watch........Sunshine was due home, anytime. She had gone to Hays to visit a friend for the afternoon.

    By the time she did get home, Matt had fallen asleep in the rockingchair, with Baby Girl, as he named her, in his arms. She was in a "sling-like" carrier, compliments of Matt's ingenuity and a blanket .

    Sunshine stopped dead in her tracks. When she finally regained her composure she knelt beside them. Matt woke up.

    Sunshine:"Hi, baby. What's new?" She smiled.

    Matt grinned and kissed her. He explained all that had happened.

    They took the baby with them into the bedroom.

    The baby was carefully placed in a make-shift "crib" between Matt and Sunshine.

    She woke up and looked at Sunshine....."WAHHHHHHHH."

    Sunshine :" So much for (5) Silent Night."

    Matt:" Here. Let me hold her, Sunny. She feels secure in my arms."

    Sunshine kissed Matt on the cheek....." I understand completely how she feels."

    The baby started sucking on Matt's finger.

    Matt looked at Sunshine and then at Baby Girl......" We're going to make sure that you (6) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ......Little one."


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    O come all ye faithful, it is a silent night and we are all amazed and confused. We are much too young to feel this damn old but we do it anyway. So Have yourself a merry little christmas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    One night as I sit dreaming by the fire place I felt amazed and confused. Then I said to myself--self you are much too young to feel this old. The group had wanted me to go xmas caroling but I had said no. Then I said to my self --said I --do it anyway.Soon I was singing O Come All Ye Faithful and Silent night. My spirit rose and my heart felt light as I said to everyone I meant--Have your self A Merry little Christmas and the same goes ton all my yahoo answer friends. Hugs

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i was walking alone a SILENT NIGHT, thut i saw my grandmother who died weeks ago, i was AMAZED AND CONFUSED at the same time. i asked her, 'what happend?'

    than she replied, 'i did not die my dear, i feel MUCH TOO YOUNG (TO FEEL THIS DAMN OLD)'.

    It was really scary 2 see her alife, i said 'stop lying grany', she cried, 'O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL'.

    who u talkin 2? i asked....''HAVE YOURSELF A MARRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS'' she said as she ran away from me.

    Dats when i woke up, and it was Christmas eve!

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