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Disputing red light camera ticket?

Last night while going through an interesection which I thought was still yellow a flash went off. Probably means I was ticketed by a red light camera. I have a few questions: Can I dispute this ticket if it arrives? If they provide photos, etc, what is the best possible way to get the fine reduced? Will I have the opportunity to be represented by a free public defender? This happened in LA county and apparently the ticket will cost $381 dollars. Any advice would be appreciated because I am a poor graduate student.


Also, I was sort of distracted because there were sirens from a firetruck a block behind me (going opposite direction). Usually I know if I can make a yellow light or not, but I was sort of distracted. Could I use this to plead my case?

Update 2:

Heavily, some states it's $100 but California, especially LA county, is strict. It's $381

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  • Dana A
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    If you ran the red light, you ran the red light. I don't think being distracted by a nearby siren is a good excuse, but I guess you could try it.

    Good luck,

    Dana (Calif. attorney)

  • Anonymous
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    Red light cameras are not owned by the police station. They are owned by a third party company that promises a certain percentage of the fines paid to the police department for doing almost nothing. Running a red light and being ticketed is a class C misdeamenor moving violation. A red light camera is not a moving violation and is simply a fine. That is why defensive driving is not required. It is a CIVIL matter. Don't pay the ticket. The police can not do anything and the third party company owns the camera, they can't do anything either. People don't know that, but as working in traffic, i do.

    NO warrants are issued for not paying red light tickets. it is the thousands of people that pay without knowing that that keep them in business.

    • michael5 years agoReport

      They put it on your credit report in Illinois if you dont pay it....

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    The court would wonder why you didn't pull over if you heard sirens near you. In my state it's far better to stop, if you face a yellow light before you approach the intersection crosswalk. Refer to Q&/A on red light cameras. on this site.

    http// html.

    One thing was pointed out in here was violations were given a grace period for the first 1/2 second and time elapse after that it more likely to be a violation. Good luck and ask about this situation with others who faced it in the past.

    Source(s): web site on red light cameras
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    To the best of my knowledge, and after a brief discussion with legal council I have learned the following:

    * With regard to speeding tickets, you always have the right as a legal citizen to face your accuser in a court of law.

    ---This is why traffic tickets can always be contested in court, and if the police officer does not show, you do not have to pay.

    *In order for you to be able to face your accuser in court - you must have full access to the information of the accuser, you have the right to not only observe (face) the electronic device that caught you in the act, but understand all aspects of device as well (how it works: schematics the developer etc..)

    Whats more is that the camera itself (the exact one that caught you speeding must be presented to you by the third party developer who created it on your court day).

    Because the above is impossible:

    Courts have ruled very simply in recent cases that any individual caught for a class C misdemeanor by way of red light camera or speeding camera is not subject to any fines so long as that individual requests to face his or her accuser.

    Remember in court to ask if you can face your accuser. With this question asked a judge will drop any contest against you.

    Cameras are not people and they are not capable of passing the human judgment -pejorative- of making accusations.

    Happy i could help.

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    This is a traffic offense no lawyer will be assigned to you if you ask. Wait to see if you get a ticket with a pic. and if you got caught then you got caught. a siren distracting you is not an excuse. talk to the prosecutor or the judge honestly and politely and hope for the best.

  • 6 years ago

    I made a right turn on red an got a camera ticket

  • Jamie
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    4 years ago

    "I did not make a complete stop before turning. " You lose right here. Even if you can legally turn on red, you still need to make the complete stop. If the light is red, and the green turn light is not on, then you have to stop. There is no "red arrow". A red light means a red light. End of story.

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    there are few circumstances that will allow you to beat a ticket....time of day/night, traffic, and the amount of time you waited for the light to change.....if you sped up to beat a yellow light,,,,shame on you, but you will be afforded's free, and you get what you pay for, so pay attention in court more than you do on the road

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get a lawyer and pay him to get the ticket thrown out...or pay the court. Either way, you will probably pay someone.

    Write or call the DA first. Sometimes they will throw out a ticket if you haven't had any in the past

  • 1 decade ago

    If you do get a ticket, you have the right to dispute it. Check the picture to see if it clearly shows you, the car make/model tag #.

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