Is it safe to exfoliate face with baking soda?

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I know people do it, but does it actually work? Is it actually safe? I generally like to keep it as natural as possible and this sounds a little harsh. Any dermatologists here know more
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  • EM answered 6 years ago
Actually baking soda is one of those old, all-purpose remedies that everyone used to use for everything. People used to brush their teeth with it for their whitening effects, which, common sense leads me to believe, would make it gentle enough to wash your face with.

When in doubt, however, asked a real dermatologist.

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  • bliss answered 6 years ago
    i do it about once a month.

    i make sure my face is wet, my face cloth is wet, then i sprinkle a little baking soda on my face cloth.

    i very gently wipe my face in a circular motion with the baking soda.

    it's also good for scrubbing the dead skin off your feet and keeping other skin soft.

    just be sure to wipe softly in sensitive skin areas.
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  • Serendipity answered 6 years ago
    I've seen it suggested. Sounds totally harmless to me since some OTC products actually have ground peach pits. Baking soda is actually less abrasive than the exfolitating I use. Not a professional here.
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  • _ answered 6 years ago
    Baking soda is a generic term for bicarbonate of soda or IIRC sodium bicarbonate. It is extremely good at absorbing odors. It is also good for making baked goods.

    What is does for a face is a guess to me. It may absorb impurities and can strengthen laundry detergent, which explains Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. Baking soda is not acidic but fairly neutral in pH if not a base compared to a similar agent, borax additive (BORAXO). You can't be harmed much, if at all using it. You might ask a doctor about it as they were trained to know it and guide you.
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  • Snorkie answered 6 years ago
    why do you not just use plain white sugar or normal fine sea salt, it is coarser and will work better.
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  • PeaceInTheValley answered 6 years ago
    It is safe and natural. I add a little baking soda to my Cetaphil and apply and rinse.
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  • sunil answered 6 years ago
    Sounds pretty unusual really(?)!
    (plain p H ~NEUTRAL soap & water is better, safer etc, ,etc!!)
    Cos faces have a good blood supply & are very sensitive)
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  • Gwen answered 6 years ago
    Baking soda is a cleanser. once used for cleaning kitchens etc. It is in many toothpastes too.Exfoliation is a process whereby the product used will remove dead skin cells. A gentle and antiseptic exfoliate is good old fashioned salt. Many exfoliates also contain finely ground pumice stone. I personally, would prefer to purchase an exfoliate from a shop where natural products are sold and not tested on animals. Purely to be on the safe side.
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