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Connect a washing machine with hot and cold water pipes to cold water pipe only?

I have just moved into my new house and my old washing machine has hot and cold water pipes and the new house has only one pipe which I presume is cold? I really cant afford to go out and buy a new machine and was wondering if my old machine would work with just cold water and how would I go about plumbing in? thanks

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    plumb both pipes onto the cold pipe. mine is the same and it works as normal.

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    In UK go to B & Q and buy a " Y " connector, what it does is convert your existing cold only outlet to 2 cold outlets, so that you can now connect both H & C hoses, the machine does't know, and will heat the water anyway

    FOOTNOTE It has been discovered that it is more efficient to do it this way, rather than connect to hot water as well.

    By the time the hot water got to the machine it was cold anyway !!!

    And as a further footnote, manufacturers are making cold fill ONLY machines

    Plumbers have known this phenomen for donkey's years.

    FOOTNOTE In UK all machines have a water heater.

    pc beach may be in USA where there are different requirements.

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    They make a Y hose connection that will fit on your washing machine to the hot and cold and then the other end to the single connection you have.It wont matter whether it is a hot connection or cold.If you cant find one at your local hardware store,you could also buy a hose cap,and connect it to your hot side of your washing machine and use cold only

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    As long as your machine is connected to a water supply (both pipes) it doesnt matter that you dont have a hot supply. Buy a Y piece from BQ`s fit that to your cold water supply and both of your hoses to that. Job done.

    Your machine may not work if you only connect 1 hose that is why you need the Y piece. Contrary to what the guy above me says

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    Just connect the cold feed onto the tap. Your washing machine should have its own heating mecanism and will still heat the water to the temperature of your wash.

    I know this as I have just built a new detached garage to my house and plumbed out from the house for my utility area. Cold is sufficiant.

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    If you don't mind using only cold water for your laundry, it will work just fine. It is not necessary to connect both hoses of your machine, just connect the cold. One caveat: be sure to select cold water on your machine. If you choose warm, water will probably spew out of the hot water connection on the back of the machine. I've never heard of a house (especially a new one) with only a cold water connection at the laundry tubs, though. Are you sure you're not missing something?

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    I read recently that most of the detergents in todays world are efficiant in cold water- that there is really no need to wash in hot water unless for a reason such as washing bedding for an asthmatic person (to kill dust mites). Unless you are one of those people who seem to get very dirty (grass stains from sliding into 3rd base in the baseball game), I would try a good detergent and cold water, first. Cold water is also better for your clothes- they last longer.

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    I think it will, you just connect up the cold feed pipe

    It just means that your machine will take ages to heat the water up for the wash if you are not doing an economy one

    you can get cold water machines but it would probably be cheaper to get the plumbing sorted for hot and cold

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    There is normally a switch in the machine to change it from hot & cold to cold only. Sometimes you have to take the top of the machine off to get to it, it depends on the make and model.

    You might have to contact the manufacturer.

    I'd be surprised if you can't change it to cold only.

    EDIT. Why is it that when you give an answer which you know is correct some pr!ck gives you a thumbs down?

    If you just connect the cold pipe, the water will spew out of the hot inlet.

    If you use a y piece, you might be lucky.

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    You need A "Y" connector. Each pipe connects to the "fork" end and the single end to the washing machine. Buy it in any good hardware or plumbers.

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