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Dante asked in 社會科學心理學 · 1 decade ago




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  • 1 decade ago
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    AQ: Adversity Quotient

    BQ: Balancing Quotient

    CQ: Creativity Quotient

    DQ: Distinguishability Quotient

    EQ: Emotional Quotient

    FQ: Feeling Quotient

    GQ: Globalization Quotient

    HQ: Health Quotient

    IQ: Intelligence Quotient

    JQ: Joking Quotient

    KQ: Knowledge Quotient

    LQ: Leadership Quotient

    MQ: Moral Quotient

    NQ: Neatness Quotient

    OQ: Organization Quotient

    PQ: Perception Quotient

    QQ: Questioning Quotient

    RQ: Reasoning Quotient

    SQ: Spiritual Quotient

    TQ: Team-working Quotient

    UQ: Understanding Quotient

    VQ: Velocity Quotient

    WQ: Wisdom Quotient

    XQ: eXperience Quotient

    YQ: Youth Quotient

    ZQ: Zooming Qoutient

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  • 1 decade ago

    IQ = 智商

    EQ = 情緒智能

    AQ = 逆境智能

    BBQ = 燒烤

    亞Q = 是一本文初時期的小說人物


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