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    hello, goodbye, today, yesterday, tomorrow, what, who ,where,when,why, how, he,she,it, you,me, I , We, love, music, angel, baby, tree, stars, sun, newspaper, north, east, south, west, weather, sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowing, snowy, flurry, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, black, white, orange, pink, baby blue, brown, checkered, patterns, paper, computer, printer, colours, numbers, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, hundred, thousand, decades, centuries, millennium, shirt, jacket, coat, pants, underpants, lingeries, lights, christmas, new years, valentines' day, summer, winter, spring, autumn, fall, leaves, flowers, petals, stems, keyboard, ipods, ear phones, phones, fax machine , bag, plastic bag, canvas bags, file, folder, garbage can, rubbish, happy, sad, lively, crazy, drowsy, drunk, ecstatic, idiotic, dumb, smart, nerdy, stupid, slow, fast, quick, tempo, time, fish, meat, beef, pork, port, chicken, wine, vodka,

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    He, She, We, They, You, Me, It, When, Where, How, What, Please, Thanks, Hello, Bye, Has, Had, Have, Don't, Didn't, Go, To, Lunch, Bed, Shower, Sleep, Wake, Call, Talk, Hi, Eat, Dinner, Do, Think, School, Morning, Evening, Us, Funny, Love, Mommy, Daddy, Walk, Nice, Great, Awesome, Look, Money, Maybe, Could, Would, Should, Pretty, See, Watch, Bath, Up, Down, Know, Ask, Stop, Out, Walk, Can, Help, My, Mine, Yours, His, Her, Drive, Car, Bus, Home, Answer, Phone, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Work, Miss, Give, Take, Some, Something, Everything, Everywhere, Sometimes, News, Newspaper, Coffe, Tea, Soda, Sit, Stand, Worry, Milk, Pizza, Juice, Rice, Beef, Chicken, Might, man, woman, Are, Can, Can't, Aren't, Stupid, Dumb, Smart, Bad, Wonderful, Cause, Because, Why, Time, Name, Windy, Rain, Sunny, Storm, Weather, Office, School, Cup, Glass, NO, Yes, Going, Gone, Left, Right, After, Before, Soon, Later, Dark, Outside, Welcome, Park, Pay, Dollar, Market, Soup, Baby, Sick, Listen, Drink, Let, Wash, Yell, And, Now, Care, Put, On, In, Under, Near, Close, Open, Shut, Pull, Off, Pick, Fork, Spoon, Lot, Hold, Able, But, Turn, Light, Water, Dress, paper, Okay, Want, Friends, Big, Small, Huge, Anyway, However, anytime, Crazy, Question, Answer, Wonder, Doing, Back, Come, Away, O'clock, Shopping, Store, Dishes, Type, Gone, The & the number "1-10"

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    They are called 'High Frequency Words'.

    The attached link is a fill in the black game for High Frequency Words, it is fun to learn.

    2007-12-07 14:13:49 補充:

    sorry, should be fill in the blank game.

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