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幫忙翻譯一下喔~ (中翻英!)




不可以用線上翻譯辭典阿= =+


那是朋友 =           =|||||

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    You know what, If you're not respect me, I will absolutely yell at you. Not that I won't yelled at others, it is because you were being so rude on me, slap at me when I am not doing anything to you, cuss at me, bulling at me, and then just because you were ashamed so you don't say sorry to m, just using you and other's friendship to pretend you were poor, make me can't keep up how nice I am to for give you, and pretend I am nice with you, and then keep on holding how rude you are, today I yelled at you loudly is not because the other reasons, still it's your disrespectful problems, it is not the 1st(first) time, please be more mature, thanks.

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    You must understand that, you so mean to me that I had to protest myself. Not only you, but you are the worst of all.

    You often yell at me, beat me with saying anything and never confess your being shameful, then you neglect me. You utilize friendship between us, take advantage of me yo show off you can do anything in front of your fellow guys? I had to try hard to bear your rudy behavior to keep our relatiomship. I should stand for myself today. Your attitude has never chaneged until now, and you treat me unfairly over and over again. Would you please face your problem seriously?

    這種男生你也要 ? 服了你!

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    Tell you, you don't respect me, my aming fierce to you is inevitable.BE not I don't am fierce to others, but your attitude to me is the most lousy, waving hand to beat me, scolding me and discriminating against me on every occasion, after the event but again for the sake of face and would not like to apologize with me, make use of the friend's sympathy to set off you seem very pitiful, I have to for maintaining an own social interaction but forgiving you, pack again be good friends with with you, but again a time suffers your that irrational attitude, particularly fierce today you weren't other reason, similar is your attitude problem, lift this time is no longer 1 time, please a little bit mature, thanks.

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