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Why do I need to see a hematologist?? Could I have Leukemia??

Hello My name is Mackenziee and I am 15 years old My question is .......Can a person have leukemia without elevated white blood cell counts?

See I went to my doctor last week because I have not been feeling very well lately, I have been very tired and dizzy, and I have bruises all over my body that have no Idea how they go there!! So I went to my dcotor and she did some blood tests and she called me today and told me that she was going to reffer me out to a hematologist!.....So of course the oly thing on my mind is CANCER?????? She told me that My numbers were slightly elevated I asked for a copy of my labs and a lot of my numbers were off but my White blood cell count seemed to be within range so why would she be sending me to a hematologist???

I know i am jumping to conclusion but who wouldn't.....besides I am only 15 years old!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question??

~ Mackenziee~

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    It's not leukemia. But there are other things it could be, infection, low or high iron, or any number of illnesses. Just take a breath and be patient, if she thought it was anything serious, she would have told you what she suspected. Most times when they don't say anything, it's because nothing is showing up, and they want to cover their butts with a second opinion.

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    Hematology refers to the study of blood and blood related conditions. These aren't limited to leukemia or cancer - there is a wide range of blood disorders, and your doctor probably wants to rule out any such condition.

    It is not uncommon for blood clotting disorders to emerge during the teenage years, for people who have the propensity to have them. Your doctor may be worried that your blood is not clotting properly. A hemotologist is best equipped to diagnose and treat whatever may be going on.

    Don't worry, Mackenzie - it is extremely unlikely that you have leukemia, given your normal white blood cell count. Especially since you went to the doctor last week, and they just called you today! In general, they will notify you of a potentially serious condition within a day or two.

    Good luck. I hope everything goes well for you.

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    Well, hematology is just the study of the blood, so don't jump to conclusions just yet. Now, if they'd referred you to an oncologist (cancer doc), then you could worry a bit (but even that would just be to check at first). There are many not-as-serious-as-cancer things that could be throwing you off, so your doctor's just making sure you are checked out by someone who knows more about what your blood might be saying about you than she does.

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    Do you consume aspirin products, they accelerate bruising, as does anemia, low blood sugars, low platelettes (hematology) and are you fortifying your diet with cartene, potassium, dark greens, fortified calcium, and natural vitamin C, D and A?

    You might need an iron supplement. Email me, I discovered awesome productsto help get these crucial items into my daily eating habitsand ones that taste great or supplements such as natural exotic juice blends and vitamins that are easy to swallow and non-toxic.

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    Cheer up and brighten up!

    Source(s): diagnosed medical conditons, empirical and field and clinical research through licensed practioners and nutritionists!!!
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