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Do any of you wear cycling apparel year round ?

My son wear his riding apparel 24/7 and does not want to wear anything else. He wears shorts,jerseys,warmers, rain gear instead of a suit and tie. He rides to work on a bicycle instead of a car and keeps wearing that garbage I wonder do you think he's nuts ?

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    As I write this, I am still wearing my bike shorts and matching shirt. They're just so comfortable. Don't be upset about your son wearing his cycling apparel 24/7. My hubby is an architect and he rides his bike to work and wears bike clothes a lot, too. So far, no one has complained.

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    Cycling jerseys are a very functional item of clothing with over 100 years of development. The zip at the neck allows the rider to open the jersey for better air flow. The tight sleeves help cheat the wind, the pockets in back provide storage for things you need on the road. There are also sleeveless jerseys that you can wear so you don't develop that dreaded tan line. There are solid colour jerseys available. Many cyclists prefer to wear bright hues so that cars can see them better, and jerseys also often have reflective strips that make you more visible when there isn't enough light. Workout tops may use similar fabrics, but they won't have the other features of a real cycling jersey

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    I definitely would not call his clothes garbage. If he is clean and neat it should not really matter what he is wearing as long as it does not interfere with his job. I think he is very smart to ride a bicycle instead of a car. A lot more people should follow in his suit. You should be very proud of him and encourage him to stay healthy, keep exercising and not try to be like everyone else. My husband never wore a suit unless he had to. He worked 30 years at the same job and walked or rode a bicycle when ever he could.

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    Yes I do ... I ride about 18-20 miles each way to work at least 5 days a week.

    However, I also have a locker and shower facilities at work - so I can change out of cycling clothes and into clothing that is more suitable for the job I have.

    But if all you do is see me going to/from work ... it certainly looks like all I wear is cycling stuff.

    Am I crazy? A little - because I'm not adamant that others do their bit for the environment by keeping their vehicles in the driveway and riding more bikes for personal travel (and better health benefits). Is your son? I don't think so. Just a little environmentally conscious and willing to step up and do something about it himself.

    and it sounds like he's saving even more of the environment by not consistently washing either his clothing or himself, which might be a LITTLE far-fetched...

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  • Anonymous
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    Sure I do sometimes it's warmer than some natural fabrics so they look stupid but they are so comfortable I wear them to bed cycling shoes and all. I've worn my shoe covers,rain wear, bib shorts and smelly jerseys to social functions as well. I sell bicycle touring and love cycling that's why my shorts really smell (I sometimes swap dirty shorts with clean ones twice a month).

    what's wrong with him :you !

    car lover.

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    He might want to change out of the shorts/bibs when not riding to avoid rotten crotch but otherwise cycling clothing is quite comfortable, especially during the hot months.

  • McG
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    It's only garbage if he NEVER changes clothes.

    Frankly I wish I had a job I could ride my bike to work with. If he's nuts as you wonder, I envy him, but then again -- I am nuts.

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    Let him be who he is. Obviously he loves cycling. Maybe instead of being so critical you could support him in something that he obviously enjoys. Who cares what others think of him, that shouldn't matter.

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    Guys like familiar and comfortable clothes.

    If you can't persuade him to wear something else, as long as it no for inapproiate for a function (e.g.!) I'd leave him alone.

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    he's on the road to be a pro!

    i'd prefer a nutso cyclist to a nutso driver any day.

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