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Hydrogen as an option?

Since it has been discovered that saltwater releases hydrogen when exposed to radio waves, about 13.56 mhz I'm told, is it possible to use hydrogen for an alternative to fossil fuels for power generation? We have a rather large supply of saltwater available, after all, and burning hydrogen leaves little pollutants.......

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    hydrogen, YES. very possible. in-fact, hydrogen with pure oxygen is better. and how would you get it? electrolysis.

    but foool, electrolysis is inefficient and expensive. nope. not anymore.some guy out in Montana or something invented a highly efficient electrolysis proses that converts distilled water into aqua-gen(the gas it creates, made up of pure hydrogen and pure oxygen- but not just floating together, there re-bonded chemically in gas for and become wayy Less volatile) for about .17$ a gallon. and this device can be put into a trunk, hooked up to a power source, and a hose ran from the collection tank into the corroborator with only a slight modification of the top plate of it. and when its burned, it turns back into watter. you get about 90 miles a gallon. this was originally made to replace acetylene torches in welding factories, and the the guy was just like, hey- what about my car?. it was on CNN tow different times in 2005, and im sure if on the net. but you didn't here about his did you? no, because the f**king greedy oil companies want to rape you at the pumps at over 200% proffit.

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    I believe this is a future dream of the scientific community. I know that currently Hydrogen production by existing methods uses up to six times the fossil fuels as the gallon of gasoline it seeks to replace. Something they forget to mention on the TV ads for Fuel Cell vehicles... ;)

  • Hydrogen production The one you buy in the brown bottle is a diluted ver. of strate Hydrogen And if you drink a bottle of the Hydrogen productide ( the one in the brown bottle) it will kill you

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