what caused the conflict between turkey and the kurds in northern iraq?

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    1 decade ago
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    the problem is not the Kurds but the Turks. the Kurds in Iraq have earned the right to be free, they have been massacred by Arabs, Turks and Iranians both directly and indirectly. however an Independence Kurdish state might mean Turkey will have to loose the Kurdish region of Turkey. while the Kurds in Iraq have never called for such things and by no means support the Kurdish fighters in Turkey. Turkey has used the PKK who often acts in Turkeys favor that in Kurdish favor SURPRISINGLY!! as an excuse to invade the free part of Kurdistan. the Kurds have always taken the peaceful solution to the problem, but Turkey has the bigger army and wants to show it off.

    the cause for this latest conflict was the PKK. they attacked Turkish soldiers and killed some and took some prisoners. this is not the first time they have done this, they did this before when 3 Turkish presidents thought there was a need to solve the problems in Turkey regarding the Kurdish region. all the presidents changed their minds because of the acts by the PKK. one wonders who is the PKK really working for, the Turkish military or the Kurdish rights. the Kurds in Iraq brought the prisoners back and handed them over to Turkey and clearly say that they dont support the PKK or thier Ideas to solve problems. the Kurdish leaders in KRG (Kurdish regional government) have called for the PKK to dissarm many times and have even gone as far as fighting them to get rid off them in the moutains between the borders of KRG and Turkey but failed. this is a classic Turkish strategy to invade a country, find or make up a reason and attack. they did this in cyprus too, they killed thier own people and said the greeks did it so they sent troops to divide the island. they are trying to do it in Kurdistan now.

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    Kurds inside Turkey want to separate and start an independent state along with the Iraqi Kurds. Turkey is not about to cede the people or land. Both sides have resorted to violence now and in the past. It has been going on for centuries in one sense or another.

    It is another example of the instability caused by the Iraq War. Turkey and the kurds could go to war (and we're allies with both.) Sunni and Shiites in neighboring Arab countries are already arming both sides in Iraq, contributing to the instabilty, and this could also lead to a regional conflict.

    Saddam, as crazy as he was, actually acted as a buffer between all these competing forces. Everyone is now scrambling to fill the vacuum.

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    Tribes in that part of the world have been fighting since the dawn of man. There have been Kurds living in Turkey since the 1st century BC. Today it is estimated that 13-26% of Turks are Kurdish. Turkey is afraid of the Kurds in Iraq having their own state. They may lose some of their own territory.

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