should teens be tried as adults for serious crimes?

pro where can i find some information that shows that teens should be tried as adults fro serious crimes

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    trying teens as adults for serious crimes does not solve the problem; it merely guarantees that the teen will be spending an extended amount of time being punished. a teen is of an age where it is still very probable for rehabilitation. through education and outreach, the teen should be able to be reintegrated into society without residual impulses towards criminal activity.

    trying a teen as an adult is not effective as a deterrent either. teenagers, with some exceptions, are not emotionally equipped, nor do they possess the experience to understand the full extent of the effects of their crimes. the ones prone towards crime will not be deterred by the threat of jail because that threat is not perceived as being real.

    instead of spending the millions that we spend each year prosecuting teenagers as adults, we should be spending that money towards educating teens about drugs and the effects to themselves, to their families, and to society that violence and drug use create.

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    Yes and no. I believe that teens who are about 17 should be tried as adults for serious crimes, such as murder, because they are old enough to know what they are doing. but for other less serious crimes then i believe they should be tried as juviniles. but if a little 6 year old boy brings a gun into school and shoots someone, then i honestly don't believe they can be held responsible for something like that because they just don't know it's wrong.

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    Depends on the crime. For crimes like murder, rape, child molestation, drug dealing, etc. yes they should.

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