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What do you all think/feel about detroit ppl?

i live in detroit and i just wanted to know how ppl felt about us..i live in a mostly mexican and native american neighborhood, and there are not alot of white ppl i just wanted to know, mainly from white ppl how ppl feel about us

sorry if this offends any1 in anyway

please be honest..i want to know..dont hold back plz...type what you want


actually...there are about an even amount of middle easterns,blacks,natives and mexicans here,so is not mostly black

Update 2:


Update 3:

is not a hell hole, i looove my city..and it is beautiful in its way..i have some of the most beautiful pix of detroit that i a great place

<3mi barrio es primero <3

Update 4:

a place is not dangerous, but the ppl can what does that tell you?...dont mess with detroit ppl cuz we are not playin ^_^

Update 5:

look person with the percents...where i live is like every1 except white ppl

Update 6:

AAAYYY DEERWOMAN777...TONS OF N8V's here..lolz.

Update 7:

yep..i used to live on the east i got love for east and west..jaja

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hey who care what others think of us....I'm a native gal who lived in Detroit too,i still miss Detroit,yet a lot of the native peoples now live down in the southern region....i like it here to,.and i love all my lite foot said 'where all my natives at"'heya heya...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm from Ann Arbor -

    Not to long ago I ventured into Detroit to do some work in a "not so safe" neighborhood so I was told. I was a bit nervous at first, with all the stories you hear about car theft, mugging, shooting... etc. this was my first time going down there, I'm a white boy, and I drive a nice car...

    Aside from a lot of burned out houses I was very surprised by the people I talked to in this "not so good" neighborhood. Everyone was extremely friendly and very helpful! After being down there for an little bit I felt completly comfortable.

    Although there was one moment where I got a bit of a stare down by a group of punk kids... I mind my business and they mind theirs. I think It would be like this in any city, you rattle a bees nest and your going to get stung. So just go about your business.

    Some of the buildings down there are beautiful, a bit run down, but I can't even imagine how nice they were in their heyday. A little polish and Detroit could turn around and be back to it's former glory.

    The people were nice (at least the ones I ran into) as are most people from Michigan, and the architecture is amazing. I think mostly Detroit gets a bum wrap...

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'm also a detroiter and i love my city...i've never been shot at, mugged, offered drugs, car-jacked or anything else that people think happen in this city...there are also a lot of diffrent races here...we have areas that are mostly Indian, Bengali, White, Mexican and a lot of areas that are just Black. i'm not going to down my city...most citites have it's unfiar share of crime....i mostly find detroiters to be very down-to-earth, real, not pretencious, and very tolerant of people from other places. do you live near mexican town (southwest detroit) cause that's a nice area too! i live downtown near the casinos and the river.....beautiful!!

    i love detroit!


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  • 1 decade ago

    As a rule, I think Hispanic people and Native Americans are great. I'm not from Detroit, but I think most people like anyone who is mannerly and wears a smile. You'll always get some bigoted slob, but they're usually dealing with their own issues of feeling inferior. I have one Hispanic brother-in-law, one Native American sister-in-law, one Thai sister-in-law, and one French brother-in-law. We think the French guy is weird.

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  • 4 years ago

    Detriots cool, I watch alot of activities and word their followers are loopy LOL. On that show "style of love" extreme(who i think of is warm!), pronounced women want to be resourceful with their hair in Detriot, and thats cools.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it's a giant hood. i live just outside of st. louis. and it's almost as bad.

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