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Bush threatens to isolate Iran but has he just isolated the US?

Russia has also accused the United States of hindering efforts to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear activities by taking an overly aggressive stance. Lavrov suggested a U.S. intelligence report that said Iran suspended its efforts to develop nuclear weapons in 2003 justified Moscow's resistance to new sanctions against Tehran.

Russia's position on U.N. Security Council sanctions will take into account "the public U.S. confirmation that there is no information about the existence of a covert nuclear weapons program in Iran," Lavrov said.

There is no proof Tehran had a weapons program earlier "even though our American colleagues said it was so," he said.


The Middle East "hell disaster" has just become less hellish. The chances of a United States military strike against Iran have been dramatically reduced. And Washington's push for more sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear program, now that Iran is US-certified not to be developing nukes, can be expected to run into a Russian and Chinese brick wall. Indeed, Beijing has emerged as the key player in getting the George W Bush administration to enter into a constructive engagement with Tehran. - M K Bhadrakumar

Update 2:
Update 3:

Ahmadinejad declares win, Baradei gloats, Russians mock, Bush stutters

President George W. Bush, trying desperately to keep some pressure on Iran, called on Teheran Wednesday to "come clean" about the scope of its nuclear activities or else face diplomatic isolation. But his detractors were laughing in his face

Update 4:

The above is China a veto wielding power in the UN

Russia also a veto wielding power

And the Israeli insiders (Online news) giveing a discription of the fall out of the report - Bush is being laughed at -

But go to the link and in the comment section Israeli journalists make a case for Bush attacking economically or with force anyway

This does not take away from the fact that Bush is not going anywhere with the UN and is being laughed at world wide as a moron and a nobody

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    Excellent info.

    In the end, evil doers often reap some form of accountability for their actions, even if it is simply humiliation.

    Bush is the president who cried wolf. Neo-cons never consider the ramifications of their lack of knowledge and the impact it has on the international stage. Bush has been caught, yet again, lying through his teeth.

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    For sure the terrorist that were supported by Iran and Iraq did not blow up any buildings In Russian or Kill thousands of Russian Citizens. If they had then you can believe that Iran and Iraq would no longer be on this planet. This war will continue and get more difficult for the US when other countries like Russia tell the US how to fight a war that is none of their business.

    The US wants to put an end to countries and terrorist invading it. Well just sit their, complain and wait till the next invasion and then what will be done if it’s not to late to do anything. One morning you might just be having your cup of coffee and a big flash warms you and the coffee up past the point of boiling. And don’t think it can’t and will not happen. Look at the Worlds Trade Center and the other areas in the US that was invaded when least expected. That is if you haven’t already forgotten about that invasion

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    the present political financial panorama of the U. S. is that the two occasion gadget has failed miserably. Economically, Clinton basically set up the destruction of the yank worker by using outsourcing the **** out of each thing, then Bush got here in and took what money we made from Clinton's outsourcing and took a huge Sh** on it, and allowed Cheney and his company minions to gut the country. The Texas element is a humorous tale, they think of because of the fact they have lots of oil and actual everyone has a gun they could be their very own u . s .. look at what they produced. George W. Bush. Nuff pronounced. the communicate of the dollar being replaced because of the fact the reserve forex isn't inevitably historic past noise however the entire economic gadget is corrupted customarily besides. If the U. S. is going bankrupt who're the chinese language gonna make lead based toys for? China and N. Korea purely care approximately regime survival. this is all. they could purely carry back the revolution for thus long, they could purely administration information til that's purely too late and actual everyone is conscious what must be executed to hold peace to this international. you need to come to a decision for your self what's somewhat happening obtainable. The mainstream media purely cares approximately making a dollar and could purely hide information that makes them money. the internet is the place the revolution has started. Governments and regimes no longer be able to quit the circulate of information attaining actual everyone, and that's snowballing at an remarkable fee. china has their super firewall, yet as long as there's a will, there's a manner, and authentic freedom and value would be triumphant.

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    Well lets see,

    The Europeans have said, Iran must stop enriching uranium.

    The Russians have said Iran must stop enriching uranium.

    The Chinese have said that Iran must stop enriching uranium.

    The US has said Iran must stop enriching uranium.


    Yep, I see how the US is so isolated here.

    Imagine, only have the rest of the world agree with us.

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    it seems that the present administrations agenda is to starve, freeze, or bomb anyone in the way of their mission!!!

    and i guess with the backing of our military and the fact they know our allies owe us if neccessary, and that it dosent really matter who doesnt like it!!!

    they are playing on our old fear of commies and nuclear war,

    sorta like that movie "the late great planet earth, how i learned to love the bomb"!!!

    Source(s): me!
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    Note to self...

    Even Bill Clinton the great appear could not heal the wounds of the Middle East

    So what can we conclude...the problem with the Middle East them.

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  • So you're concerned about the U.S. being isolated from Russia and the middle east? Oh my, what an awful predicament! What will we ever do?

    Fortunately every other European nation including FRANCE is with us in this.

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    There is no proof of any Iran nuke program EVER....if you want to believe a snake like Putin over our President. What kind of Commie rat-eater would say somthing like that?

    Iran is funneling money and weapons to insurgents that are killing Americans.

    Iran hates the only democratic countru within a thousand miles...Israel.

    They hate America.

    I don't belive a word this apocraphal buttheat would ever say.

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  • Pfo
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    You should read the news, apparently Germany and France disagree with you, they just agreed to sanctions. Guess we're not so isolated now then, huh?

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    France and Germany have agreed also, as with Britain... oh forgot the left only takes Europe and other countries seriously when it fits a Left spin....

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