Muslims, Regarding Israel?

Do you support Israel? What are your opinions regarding the establishment, history, actions, current events, and future of Israel? What do you think the role of Islam will or should be in the future of Israel? Honest answers, please, I'd rather hear what you really think than hear something said to pacify the nons.


Mikaik-In a perfect world, you are right, but in the practical world, like it or not, Israel is indeed recognized world-wide as a Jewish nation and homeland. Whether or not it is built on fabrication and stolen land, we have to face the fact that Israel is at this point a real entity...

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scotgirl-By their own teachings, Allah subha'ana wa ta'ala dispersed the Jews from the Holy Land because of their constant disobedience. Furthermore, He commanded them that they would not be a self-governing nation until they had returned to Him as a whole, at which time He Himself would return them to the land. So the whole idea of Zionism is not in keeping with the Jewish religion…

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    Great question! Please post it on the Israel board!

    I support the right of the Jewish people to live in safety and security wherever they may be, even in the Holy Land. However, I do not think it was right to carve up the land arbitrarily and give a piece to the Jews, irregardless of who was already there. If suitable arrangements had been made and the people living in the area had agreed to become part of Israel or seek compensation for their land and move elsewhere, I would have no problem with that. Unfortunately, that is not what occured. Some Muslims say, "Once Islamic land, always Islamic land!" I could agree with that if the land had been under Islamic rule in 1948, but it wasn't.

    Now, as to the Arab population that was living in the the area at the time, many Israel supporters claim that Israel asked them to stay, but that they left because the Arabs told them to. Thus, they argue, the refugee problem is the Arabs' own fault. I find this argument spurious for three reasons. One, there are documented cases of Jewish paramilitary groups ethnically cleansing areas of Arabs through murder and intimidation. Two, the Arab population, if it had remained, would have kept the demographic balance too equal for Jewish dominance to be a reality and this was certainly understood by the early zionists. Three, if Israel didn't create the refugee problem and really wanted all those Arabs to stay, why didn't they ever allow them to return after hostilities ceased?

    As to current events, living in comfort in the US. I am hopeful. I have not developed an undying hatred for Jewish people due to this conflict, as unfortunately, many other Muslims, esp. those living under Israeli control, have. I continue to believe that each individual should be judged based on his/her own merit, irrespective of which group they happen to be born into and that includes Jews and Israelis.

    However, I think that the collective punishment and humiliation that Palestinians face in the Occupied Territories daily in the name of Israeli security will do nothing but deepen and prolong the war and the hatred. The future is in the hand of Israel. If it wants to continue the suffering on all sides, then it will continue on its current path. If it wants to break the cycle of violence, it will have to be the one turn things around because the power is in its hands to do so.

    By the same token, the Palestinians in Gaza have to stop lobbing rockets into Israel. What are they saying to Israel? Ok, you gave us what we wanted, now here are some bombs as a goodbye gift? What possible benefit do these barrages bring? Do they imagine that the Israelis will give back the '48 land too and jump into the sea?

    It seems to me that the Palestinians should be celebrating the return of Gaza by building it up with good infrastructure, housing, education, and a properly functioning civil society. This will show the world that they can make it on their own and live peacefully. But no, let's show them that we will continue fighting and leaving our people to suffer though there is another option. That will encourage international support and investment! Have they never heard the expression, "Cut your losses?" At the very least, leave the '48 land for another day and focus on what is in your hand right now!

    I recently asked a question about the future of Israel/Palestine in the Israel section. Unfortunately, it was deleted. Personally, I think the there is so much hatred right now that a one-state solution will never work. Perhaps off into the distant future, it will.

    A two-state solution, which gives Palestinians access to Gaza and the West Bank contiguously, and does not carve their land up into Bantustans is the obvious solution. Many Israel supporters did not understand why the Barak peace plan was not acceptable, and this was one of the main reasons. How can you accept your "final status" to be in chunks of land surrounded by IDF in Palestinian ghettos? What kind of "state" is that?

    As to the role of Islam, well, that really opens up a can of worms because you can really use islam to support whatever view you take. One who is inclined to constant conflict and turmoil "because it is our duty as Muslims to fight the aggressor" will read the Quran one way and one who looks at the conflict pragmatically with a desire to bring a better future to the region as a whole will look at it another way. In the end, I think it is futile to imagine that Israel will be destroyed. What we must work toward is a just and lasting peace that rights the wrongs as best as they can be righted.

    The nature of the current conflict does nothing to enhance the image of Muslims and Islam. That is not to say that we should look to that as our sole measure of what actions to take. However, blowing up pizza parlors and buses is not only unIslamic, it only works against the Palestinians and the Muslims as a whole in the end. Too many Muslims are willing to throw away the ethical rules of warfare in order to lash out.

    We should be showing the nobleness of Islam as a religion, even in conflict.

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    As salaamu 'alaikym, my friend.

    Insha'Allah, I have mixed feelings towards the nation of Israel.

    It was founded on terrorism by the Zionist (i.e., the Jews from Europe supported by American Jews).

    I has never been a democracy with many of the person who remain in Israel and the occupied territories not being among those with citizenship and, thereby, not allowed to vote.

    There is a tremendous and obvious discrimination, civil, political and legal inequality and injustice.

    Israels treatment of the Palestinians is shameful, as is the support for the same from so many "freedom" loving Americans.

    Israels incursions into neighboring states so as to attempt to shake up and change the political environmnet of the Middle East, and, again, the supporet for the same by the US is bothersome, to say the least.

    That all having been said, Israel does now exist and it will not suddenly "go away".

    All nations in the Middle East must come to terms with this fact just as the Israeli government must peacefully resolve the Palestinian homeland issue and it must be done so that is beneficial to all parties involved.

    Insha'Allah, I would hope and I do pray that Islam and those nations in the Middle East that profess to be Islamic in nature if not in government would use the teachings of Islam, especially those of respecting others, no compulsion in regards to religion and the past history of tolerance and peacefully abiding with the Jews so as to lead the way to the resolution of these issues.

    All sides must, as difficult as this will be, put aside their animosity towards one another, their long held hatred and desire for revenge as such is the only manner by which this occur.

    May Allah, Subhanna wa Ta'ala, guide all peoples in this regard, as the whole world is literally involved.

    Ma'a salaam

  • No We Dont Support Israil We Muslims Always will be With our Muslim Brothers not With Cruel Jews,

    As far as My Country is Concern. My Country has Not Accepted Israel Till Today Our Paspport doesnt allows the Visa Of israel.

    Source(s): Heart of A Muslim
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    I don't support Israel, they are baby-killers and criminals. They stole the land from Palestinians and now they are digging under Al-Aqsa because they want to collapse it. My opinion regarding Israel's history is that it should never be established. There are many other places in this world to settle the Jews, why not in the USA, they have plenty of space there and the land is fertile.

    Islam cannot become a part of Israel because Jewish politicians say so, and they will never give any recognition to Islam and Muslims. They even treat local Christians very bad, and they are importing new Christians to take over all top Christian positions.

    Jews are cunning and keen to cause disorder.

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    Of course I do not support it. It was unjustly and unlawfully established with the help of terrorist zionists. The actions they have done are shameful. They continue to deceive the world and claim to want peace while their actions are otherwise. The future of Israel is grim and it will end one day. In the future muslims will liberate Palestine from the occupation as Allah told us in the Quran in Surat Al-Isra':

    (3) And We gave (clear) warning to the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice would they be punished)! (4) When the first of the warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants given to terrible warfare: they entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning (completely) fulfilled. (5) Then did We grant you the Return as against them: We gave you increase in resources and sons, and made you the more numerous in manpower. (6) If ye did well ye did well for yourselves; if ye did evil, (ye did it) against yourselves; so when the second of the warnings came to pass (We permitted your enemies) to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple as they had entered if before and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power. (7) It may be that your Lord may (yet) show Mercy unto you; but if ye revert (to your sins), We shall revert (to Our punishments): and We have made Hell a prison for those who reject (all Faith).

    Mimi, it is not acceptable to let them have any part of Jerusalem. It doesn't belong to palestinians only. It is a muslim land as well just like Mecca and Medina is Muslim land.

    The historic claim of the zionists to this land is not valid.

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    oy , I am Muslim Palestinian..

    I SUPPORT the existance of Israel within the parts given to it by the united nations in 1947 (ie. the 56%). The Jewish religion is based on the existance of Jerusalem as a holy land just like the existance of Al Kaaba in Mecca. They pray towards Jerusalem as we pray towards Al kaaba. It is so unfair and so intolerant to try to kick them out of the country because that would be a violation of their religion. However, I strongly disagree with their occupation to the other half of the country in 1948 and in 1967. For now we are just demanding that they return the parts they occupied in 1967 although we have all the right to ask them to return the parts they occupied in 1948 because they never belonged to them. Before the 1948, the population was 20% Jews and 80% other races. Now it is almost the opposite so the Jews are majority and forcing them to return the parts they occupied in 1948 would cause demographic problems. So I would say, returning the lands occupied in 1967 is enough.


    For those who gave me thumbs down for saying this, I am sure non of you is Palestinian. You won't love the Palestinians or Palestine more than me. Instead of lying to yourself and to others, go see what your governments are doing to the Palestinians and how they are treated in your countries.

    I will give you some points:

    Those Arabs who claim that they love us should understand that they are not better than what they call their ‘enemies’ Israelis. Their stupid leaders convinced the Palestinians to leave the land, they attacked the Jews in 1948 and 1967 and they are responsible for the Jews occupying the lands in 1967. They claim they love us and they treat us like animals in their damn countries.

    They keep the Palestinians in camps, where they are not allowed to build their houses or renovate them. I know most of Palestinians live in houses that have ceiling made of zinc and in winter all the water drift on their heads and fills their rooms and the Arabs don't allow them to fix their houses.

    They don't provide the Palestinian camps with enough garbage containers so people have to throw the garbage of the ground and keep it accumulated for weeks, which causes many diseases.

    In Lebanon, there are about 80 jobs that the Palestinians can't have.

    In Emirates they kick the Palestinian male out of the country once he becomes 18 even if his family lives there.

    In Iraq, they enter the Palestinian houses, assault women and kidnap men and do all kinds of torturing to them and then kill them for no reason. Just because the Palestinians are Muslim Sunnis, they call us wahhabi.

    In Syria, they (the previous Syrian president, Hafiz Al Asad) used to kidnap the Palestinians and destroy their houses with tanks.

    In Jordan, that is full of Palestinians, the previous Jordanian king used to drive on Palestinians with tanks and smash them and destroy their houses.

    The Egyptians and Jordanians occupied parts of the Palestinian territories.

    What do you want me to say more than that? I can keep going but I am really tired now.

    The Palestinians can't live with monsters, they need an independent state.


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    its a bit like this

    you are in your home... having breakfast and one day some people come and knock on your door... you let them in because you are kind..

    one day you find them kicking you out of your own house... they look bad infront of the neighbours... neighbours say they should share the house... so they call you back and say sorry... we'll give you the toilet

    and then expect you to be happy... if you do anything other than be happy you are a terrorist...

    you are right my friend... we'll never forget mohammad el dorra... allah yer7amo!

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    i dont support israel in anyway, it was built on stolen land, and many palestinians, to this day are out of their homes because of the establishment of the jewish state

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    No I don't support Israel. It didn't exist until 1948. It's not fair that the worldwide community kicked out innocent Muslim and Christian Palestinians just so the European Jews could get a "new home". I think we as Muslims need to get all of Palestine back and rebuild the Jews home in Europe from wherever they came from so everyone is happy.

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    Israel has much right to exist as any other country.

    Even without religion involved... promoting their destruction is pure EVIL.

    Any attempt to wipe them out will cause nuclear war.

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