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Your 10 Most Hated college teams and why?

Mine are as follows:

Pitt. (Need I say why?)

OSU (Always overrated and the fans are annoying as hell)

Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner has to be the most retarded thing I have ever heard in my life, and their fans are weak, hey stonewall how come you aren't even going to your own teams bowl game?)

Virginia Tech (Betrayed the Big East then went on to be the dog of the ACC for 3 years)

Notre Dame (I am surprised they didn't buy their way into a bowl game this year)

Meeeeee-chiiiii-gooone. (All that tradition ripped away by App. State, they are the biggest joke in college football.)

USC (Never really cared about em, but Austin N. won me over)

Georgia (Ever seen a bunch of grown men cry? If not you weren't at the 2005 Sugar Bowl, no literally their fans were bawling like little babies)

Alabama (Saban is the most classless coach ever to play the game, and Rich Rod turned down the highest paid coaching position in college football so he didn't have to go to that hell hole.)

The Patriots.


Because hate for the Pats transcends the barrier between college and pro ball.

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    1) Florida - Urban is a jerk who likes to run up the score on teams and they have the most arrogant fans in the game.

    2) Alabama - Saban and second most arrogant fans in the game.

    3) USC - They steal away all of the high recruits from other teams and have crooked boosters who pay their players.

    4) Notre Dame - They get more preferential treatment than any other team in the country.

    5) Ohio State - They play an easy schedule every year and ESPN is in love with them. They are always overrated.

    6) Michigan - See answer to #5

    7) Florida State - Bobby Bowden needs to retire. He only suspends players who are not important to his team winning. He is little more than a mascot these days, and stands in the way of FSU becoming a good team again.

    8) Va Tech - Beamer has done nothing for the past 5 years besides bring the biggest bunch of thugs from the Hampton Roads area into his program. They always throw late hits and try to injure players. It has become the most dirty program in football since Miami has gone downhill.

    9) Miami - They used to be a lot higher up on this list, but they are a pretty pitiful team these days.

    10) Army - I know it seems a strange choice, but I went to a game this year where they were the away team, and their fans were the rudest bunch of yanks I have ever seen in my life. They did nothing but use a bunch of profanity in front of children and try to bully the other teams fans. I respect our boys over in Iraq, but those cadets were classles.

  • Did you notice that you conveniently forgot to put your beloved Mountaneers in the list?

    First of all, Ohio State and other teams that you are jealous of are not over-rated. The ratings are done by coaches and a computer. So, if your team is not very high up, that's just the way it goes.

    Second, I don't hate any teams. I just get tired of certain fans who are jealous that their team isn't as good as as someone else's team.

    Third, probably the only reason you don't like Pitt is because they cut your West Virginia team down to size.

    Isn't it funny how, whenever someone says a team is "overrated", the person saying it is always a fan of a team that isn't rated as high as the team they are ripping on?

    Also, isn't it funny how, no one ever says that THEIR team is overrated? In their mind, it's always SOMEONE ELSE'S team that is overrated.

    I'll bet you think that 11. West Virginia should be ranked higher, right? Gee, what a shock! And I'll bet you think that 1. Ohio State, 2. LSU, 3. Oklahoma, 4. Georgia, 5. Virginia Tech, 6. USC, 7. Missouri, 8. Kansas, 9. Florida, and 10. Hawaii should be ranked lower, right? Gee, again what a shocker!

    If your team isn't as good as you would like them to be, that's too bad for you. But that doesn't mean that all the teams above your team are overrated. You just WISH they were, because it would make you feel better.

    Cheer up and have a nice day, fellow football fan. :-)

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    1. USC

    2. Auburn (tuberville is the devil)

    3. Alabama (nick satan)

    4. Florida (would love em but they play LSU every year)

    5. Notre Dame (what have they really done in the past 10 years)

    6. USC

    7. Michigan (cant be that prestigious if miles doesn't want to go)




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    How about 5 I don't like, and 5 I do? I don't mean to disrespect by going off topic, but I don't think their are 10 teams I hate that much...

    1. Washington. ( I am a Coug, and I have never met more arrogant fans in my life)

    2. LSU. (This year...Can't stand them. Miles can suck my ---- and the fans...Why you gotta be like that?)

    3. Notre Dame. I don't like 'em, so I hate them.

    4. UNC. Never had a problem until I met some of their fans...

    5. Patriots. Your absolutely right on here.

    One's I like:

    1. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY COUGARS!!! My Alma Mater, number 1 in my heart. GO COUGS!!!

    2. Arkansas. I just am loving this McFadden guy...

    3. Illinois. Where the hell did they come from?!?!?

    4. Appalachian State. I still like what happened...

    5. Ohio State. Just because everybody is always dogging on them, for, in my mind, no apparent reason.

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    1. Ohio State

    2. USC

    3. Notre Dame

    4. Florida

    5. Michigan State

    6. Texas

    i guess i dont really hate anymore teams.

    FYI- the Patriots aren't a college team

    One question. Michigan a joke? who as one the most games ever?

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    1 Patriots: they cheat and belechik is a d ick

    2 Ohio State: They are over rated, and self proclaimed and that THE ohio state thing erks me to no end. It's retarded!

    3 USC: because of Austin N mostly but not solely. Yeah USC's campus is a dump and they're students are as dumb as rocks!

    4. Oklahoma University: They always think they should be in the top spot, and they feel like they get "screwed over" every year!

    5. I used to hate Alabama, but rubbing it in after the season they had this year would just be classless. It will be a while before LSU has to worry about them.

    That pretty much wraps it up for teams I don't like. The rest of them are cool.


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    1. Michigan, greatest rivalry in sports

    2. Florida, they have killed me lately

    3. Va Tech. I just don't buy it.

    4. Notre Dame. don't deserve exclusive nbc deal (but they make tons of money so I understand)

    5. LSU ya'll going down!

    6. Rutgers. why do we like these guys?

    7. West Virginia. Ghetto thugs mixed with rednecks

    8. Penn State. they have done some damage to buckeyes in the last few years

    9. Nick Saban (but I like Alabama)

    10. Michigan State, for being associated with Michigan

    Source(s): rooting for Okla in bowl game.
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    Feeling is mutual, I hate WVU although took that game Saturday as win-win, either my team won or the Big East was represented in the Title Game.

    USC-they've been overrated for awhile as the Pac-10 was a joke but the Media's West Coast Bias to make up for the so called East-Coast Bias got USC overrated.

    Virgina Tech, Thug U(Miami) for the Big East Betrayal although I guess going to a lesser conference really got them what they deserve

    B.C.-sick of Boston fans entitlement view and the leaving the Big East, at least they did it right.

    Notre Dame for obvious reasons

    Oregon-need to find ONE uniform, as well as sickened by THEIR refs, hold out from that Bull Crap from the game against Oklahoma last year. I don't like OK but hate to see a team cheated.

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    1. UCLA .. I am USC alumni and I can't stand FUCLA

    2. Notre Dame same reason as above..

    3. Ohio State, The most overrate team in the country

    4. Texas.. They knocked USC out in BCS championship game.

    5. Stanford, That lowly stanford beat us.....

    6. LSU well... Did Les Miles said something that PAC 10 aren't good conference.. what about SEC?

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    1 Pitt is #1 on my list to just because of last week...mother f-ers

    2 NotreDame just because they are ALWAYS overrated

    3 USC for the same reason.

    4 Louisville.. i just dont like them

    5 South Florida because they f-ed up WVs season.

    6 Marshall because in basketball they always seem to beat the mtneers.

    7 OhioState because they are overrated and their fans think they are perfect and have the best team

    8 Oklahoma after last year v boise state they still think they are good

    9 Miami (Fl) just because they suck but they still have tons of bandwagon fans

    10 Alabama & Michigan because Alabama tried to steal out football coach and Michigan did steal our basketball coach (that may be a good thing cause now we have Huggins)

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