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Sick of Crosby getting all the attention?

anyone else sick and tired of it? There were so many more important and better games than pittsburgh's win last night. How about the devils overcoming a 3 goal deficit in the first period to win in OT, and the aftc they've won 8 straight and Zach Parise has scored 8 goals in his last seven games and had a second 4 point game out of his last three games? How about the Sens finally getting a win? Scotty Neids announcing he's back?

No, Sid the Kid is the big story.

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    LOL - Sid deserves what he gets. If you want the world to go ga-ga over Zach he has to have a great season, not just a mini-streak.

    Big Deal, Sens win a close one over Florida. Second or third worst team in the league, they should win. They're still 2-5-3 in the last ten.

    Haley: most of your links are dead.

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    I wouldn't worry about that; Pittsburgh is in last place for their division and scheduled to miss the playoffs right now. Either they figure out what they're doing wrong compared to last season or you won't be hearing anything about Crosby come playoff time.

    I think the fact that neither Recchi, Staal nor Roberts are putting up numbers (they're trading Recchi now or buying out his contract) is probably what is hurting the most. They would normally be adding 20-30 goals a season each. Crosby and Malkin cannot be the only players scoring. Roberts has a goal, Recchi and Staal only 2 goals each... The offense is broken and needs to be fixed soon. Malone is doing better (probably getting far more ice time with the others being useless) and Sykora is fortunately doing better than Ouellet to add a few more goals, so that helps somewhat...

    If I were the opposing team I'd merely have my best defensive line go on and off the ice based on whether Crosby's line is on or off, to harass Crosby and that'd probably effectively cripple the Penguins.

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    People like to whine about this and blame the media. Why does the media do it then? Because it is WHAT THE FANS WNAT TO SEE. Check out the all-star balloting.

    Or how about this-try getting a ticket in Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver during this western road trip, you will pay a pretty penny because he is a HUGE DRAW. Then try to get a Devils ticket for a western road swing....shouldn't be a problem. That in itself says volumes.

    The only comparison I can see is when people whine about how much air time Tiger Woods gets. Myself, as most golf fans, tune in to see what Tiger does, not what Joe Blow Smith does.

    Sorry, Parise is not the reigning scoring champion, MVP etc.- Personally, I look to see what Sid did. Most do.

    Furthermore- Him making his first Western Canada appearance WAS THE BIG STORY OF THE NIGHT.

    Source(s): Sounds like you are more jealous than sick. If it were Parise or if Sid played for the Devils then you couldn't get enough. Gauranteed.
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    For hockey fans, we already know how big the news of the Devils' 8 game winning streak, Parise's offensive tear, Sens out of their funk, and Nieds coming back is. The NHL needs to promote the one player that a non hockey fan might have heard of. I'm not sick of Crosby, I'm sick of Bettman and his continuing effort to bury the NHL in mediocrity.

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    Yes, I am sick of it. Especially last year in the playoffs where it was broadcast on 'national' tv. That is all they ever talked about. For the icebowl, its 'see the Sabres play Crosby and the rest of the pens' argh, I hate when they say that. It would be nice if the media spread out the coverage a little more

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    Yeah all the Pens did was overcome 2 goals down in the THIRD to win in REGULATION. See silly to bring up the Devils isn't it? Anyway I don't know Crosby probably gets more attention then he needs to get, but I don't put that on him. That is the NHL trying to get that "casual" fan still.

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    it is Sidney Crosby, no longer Sydney, Australia. the only those that dislike the final gamers to grace a activity are those that are to dumb to benefit the sport. it is like asserting you hate Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Alex Rodriguez, and Walter Payton. If Crosby have been on your team, how plenty would you hate him then?

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    I think the problem is the shameless and desperate level of marketing that is focused upon him. As it is, the amount of exposure makes sense for a league that is trying to grow but they need to spread it around to other players like Mike Richards, Ovechkin and even Malkin instead of placing all their eggs in one basket. And there are many good players on teams that are a little bit older than Croz that would be marketing points.

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    I'm also sick of Sidney. This guy is nowhere near being as good as Gretzky, but he gets the same hype. What gives? There is so much more going on in the league than the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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    Good lord, yes!! Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf who, I believe, came into the NHL at the same time Crosby did, already have their names on the Stanley Cup, but they don't get a fraction of the attention that Crosby does.

    And Scotty's back!! Finally! We Ducks fans were hoping. :)

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