toddler golden birthday?

my son will turn 3 on feb 3rd. so it will be his golden birthday. i want to get him something special for a gift. we are getting him a couple of toys but want to get him something that he can keep and chrish his whole life. i'm just running a blank on what to get him. i mean it is not like a girl where you can get a braclet or neckless or something along those lines. any ideas would be greatly apprecated. thank you.

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    A golden piggy bank so that he can save money in it! Plus he can pass it down to his children! Piggy banks are wondeful gifts.

    Source(s): Still have my mom's piggy!
  • 4 years ago

    If outdoors isn't realistic and house is too can go to a : 1) Chuck-E-Cheese (or bouncy house place). Not really 2 year old friendly, though. Cost about $300 or so but they take care of cleaning everything up, etc. 2) Have a friend with a bigger house host the party. You bring all the food and make sure the place is cleaned up afterwords. 3) See if you can rent out a room at your church (if you go to one). Shouldn't cost that much (esp if you are a member). 4) You may be able to rent out a multi-use room at your local school. Usually costs $30-$50 + fee for janitor (if you do it during week night the janitor cost should be less since it's during their regular work hours instead of overtime).

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    1 decade ago

    Great question! I had my Golden when I was 2, pitty really haha.

    I would say teh idea of a piggy bank was nice one, you can get some really nice silver or gold ones that can be inscribed that would be a good idea, a nice picture frame I think had already been suggested and that is nice aswell. If it was my son I would get him a silver train and have it inscribed for him because trains are his most favorite subject. They are not ideas that he can play with but i am sure when he is older it will be appreciated that you took the time to celebrate the golden birthday and have a memory of it to keep!

  • 1 decade ago

    get him a picture frame of this day... maybe double sided, one of him at age 3 and then one of a family group shot...

    On the 3rd, take some really good photographs. Maybe even a professional kind of thing (cheap ones like at walmart studios if you are in the US are fine)

    to be cheesy it could be a golden (colored) frame.

    I'm sure once he is older, wayy older (mid 20s) he will really treasure it.

    Keep it in a place he can't damage it.

    I was 5 when I had my golden birthday, i'm now 21, but when my friends were all having their golden birthdays when we were teens, i was always really sad i didn't even know about mine when it passed!

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all, thank you for bringing such a fresh Q to this platform.

    I would recommend a gold bookmark. He will begin to read soon and you should be reading to him daily now. So this gift would forever bring the memories of love and knowledge.

    You could ask a separate Q for what would be a great inscription for this bookmark, a poem, famous quote...

  • 1 decade ago

    Why not wait until he is older (like 16) and will appreciate a gift to keep and cherish?? Right now he is only turning 3 and probably would appreciate getting a toy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A soft toy, like a teddy?

    My bf is 30 and he has soft toys from when he was a boy. He still cherishes those.

  • 1 decade ago

    a bicycle

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    all boy's love a bike's

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