Steam emanating from my hood while it was raining?

Today I was driving while it started raining and I noticed a small amount of steam blowing from the hood of my car. I freaked out and got home and checked it out; the hood was a little warm but not hot. I didn't know whether I should have taken it to the shop or not, so I decided to just leave it for a couple of hours and see what the result is. I turned it on just now, and there's no steam, and the hood feels perfectly cool. Is this something I should worry about?


Thanks for the replies. I actually checked under the hood when I turned the engine on just now, and I couldn't see any steam coming from it. Also, the temp gage when I first noticed the steam was slightly below the halfway point between Cool and Hot, nothing excessive, and when I turned the car on again, it was at Cool.

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    Steam is made by water -- when it gets hot enough to evaporate, - it escapes area in form of steam! When you drive in water, it splashes on exhaust system (under car also),- and on hot metal parts of engine, naturally it leaves as steam,-

    so if it is hot enough, the hood will make steam rise from it- from being wet (especially in cold weather,-it will be more easily visible)! By the way,- heat goes up,-- so that was why hood got hot (warm)!,

    If the temerature gauge (or idiot light) doesn't indicate "hot" you don't need to worry about it any more than steam coming out of a teapot on stove, - it is natural!

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    if your temp. gage is normel and your coolent level remaines full i wouldent worrey about it. if it happens again open your hood right away 2see if steem is coming from somthing under the hood. if you still see steem when you open the hood then you probley want to have someone look at it

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    Doesn't hurt to get it checked. It could be something simple, like excess coolant coming out & steaming, which my car used to do when I over-filled the radiator, or it could be something bad. Get it checked.

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