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Anonymous asked in 家居與園藝保養及維修 · 1 decade ago



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    Because just bought the room, the money was anxious, the furniture completely was before, has not bought newly, and so on later economical situation many, traded the furniture again. She and husband usually in 6: 45 gets out of bed, after gets out of bed, eats the breakfast immediately, usually is cereal food. Early morning the wife appetite is not big, only drinks, two cups of coffee. The child goes to the school to eat. Reads "Holy Bible" is the wife early morning required course, every day I all with God in this time conversation. God said he forever and we in the same place, she spend the time and God converses, felt likely has an intimate friend. Then bathes again, prepares clothes. By now my husband also dressed neatly prepares. Generally, I must bring the lunch to eat to the shop in, day before the supper leftover dish could, then go to work. After gets off work, the wife makes likely to purchase food, cleans the room, reorganizes the courtyard, washes irons clothes, a big pile of housework lives, we has a view in US, is called "the woman always has cannot do living". She said that, "I have married, I had the family and the family member which needs me to show loving concern. Although sometimes has been sick of, but I must continue does these always also not to be able to do living, I must demonstrate me to the family member to their love. Saw in own family tidies up neatly, the visitor is very satisfied, I also can have the sense of pride." Afterwards, in front of the preparation dinner this point time, I may go see the friend, perhaps own casually take a stroll the store.

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