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How can i install HP F2120 Printer in window ME version PC

My PC is Window ME version, new printer do not support.

How can I install the Printer HP F2120 (all in one printer) into my PC?

I need only to print, no need to use other complicated function.

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    I found that there is really no driver from the web for Windows ME, and so I did sent your problem to the HP by email, however, their answer is as follow:

    As of July 2007, HP will no longer be able to offer driver downloads or replacement driver CD ordering for Windows 98, 98 Second Edition (SE), or Windows Millennium (Me) for your HP printer, all-in-one, camera, or scanner. Microsoft has stopped providing and supporting certain files related specifically to Windows 98 SE, and this change affects all technology companies. HP, along with other technology companies, is no longer able to use selected components in support of Windows 98SE, which has an impact on our software strategy for Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, and Windows Me. HP will continue to provide other selected HP software and applications that do not depend on Windows 98 SE components for the foreseeable future.

    That means....they really do not have a driver for you. Sadly. I am sorry for that. Perhaps you can try sell the printer out?

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    You can try download the HP F2120 driver of Window ME version, in HP website, then install in your PC.

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