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Tofurther offset their dollar outlay,

some airlines run tie-in marketing campaigns with famous-brand makers of ,

say,the coffee and ice cream that are served on board.

Marketing messages can be incorporated into the dining experience - menu inserts,

cocktail napkins and meal trays.

Edward Gargano, President and CEO of MHM North America,

describes how airlines can capitalize on non-performing assets by making tray-tables work for their living:"Using vinyl decals,

revenue-producing advertising can be affixed to the inner side of the drop-down tray-tables.

Based on actual head counts of the captive audience,

this kind of programme can deliver a steady monthly income."

These days,the romance with jet-set dining is fading rapidly,

and cost-cutting and convenience food are now the norm in economy class.

Ryanair sells wrapped sandwiches during flights,

and at some airports local entrepreneurs sell "bording-gate bags",

which contain meals priced at different levels.

Purists might argue that this approach hardly represents the spirit of hospitality;

but for a family group travelling in economy class,

after two hours or more spent queuing at check-in and security points,

and afer having already spent three hours or more getting from home to the airport,

these rough-and-ready solutions might be the equivalent of a godsend.




第一句是To further

第二段第四句是"boarding-gate bags",

第二段第九句是and after having...





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    為了更進一步貼補支出, 許多航空公司不得不廣闊財源, 選擇與供應機上餐點的知名咖啡或冰淇淋等製造商連結, 進行行銷戰

    從機上的菜單卡, 餐巾紙, 到餐盤, 行銷標語可以輕易置入用餐的過程. MHM North America 的總裁Edward Gargano描述航空公司如何讓餐盤這類沒什麼運用價值的資產轉換為生財的工具. "用乙烯, 就可以把收費廣告印在機上可收式餐桌的內面. 照被強迫置入行銷廣告的實際搭機人數計費,這個方案每個月可以替航空公司賺進一筆穩定的收入"

    近來, 機上精緻套餐的好康以不多見, 經濟艙裡多是由低價且方便的輕食取而代之. 低價航空公司Ryanair開始在機上販售三明治, 有些機場的餐點承包商也開始在登機門販賣各式價位的"登機餐袋".

    純粹主義者可能認為這種方式幾乎違背了以客為尊的服務精神; 但對於那些花了兩個小時辦裡登機手續和通過安檢哨(更別提先前可能已經花了三小時或是更多時間從家裡出發前往機場)的家庭旅行團員來說, 只要能夠隨便吃點什麼都是上天恩賜.

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